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See the article this zero-waste vegan restaurant is creating a more sustainable future for the food industry

This Zero-Waste Vegan Restaurant Is Creating a More Sustainable Future for the Food Industry

The Plot is saving the planet one dish at a time!

Allie Mitchell Allie Mitchell
The Plot
Food & Drink
See the article 10 must-try vegan restaurants in london

10 Must-Try Vegan Restaurants in London

From British pubs and burger joints to fancy restaurants, this list covers it all!

Allie Mitchell Allie Mitchell
Unity Diner
Food & Drink
See the article 9 store-bought vegan granola brands we can’t get enough of

9 Store-Bought Vegan Granola Brands We Can’t Get Enough Of

Grab a bag of these plant-based granola varieties next time you’re out shopping.

Anja Grommons Anja Grommons
Food & Drink
See the article the best vegan halloween candy of 2022

The Best Vegan Halloween Candy of 2022

Trick-or-treaters will ghoul all over these plant-based sweets!

Allie Mitchell Allie Mitchell
Food & Drink
See the article 18 accidentally vegan halloween candy brands

18 Accidentally Vegan Halloween Candy Brands

It’s time to stock up your trick-or-treat inventory with these vegan-friendly candy classics.

Anja Grommons Anja Grommons
Sour Patch Kids
Food & Drink
See the article the best vegan chips you can buy at the grocery store

The Best Vegan Chips You Can Buy at the Grocery Store

Whether you’re hosting a party, packing plant-based lunches, preparing for a road trip, or just restocking your home pantry, you need these vegan-friendly chips.

Anja Grommons Anja Grommons
Food & Drink
See the article 10 vegan brunch spots in chicago

10 Vegan Brunch Spots in Chicago

ISO plant-based brunch joints in the Windy City? Look no further!

Anja Grommons Anja Grommons
Bloom Plant Based Kitchen
Food & Drink Chicago

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See the article where to find vegan conchas in los angeles

Where to Find Vegan Conchas in Los Angeles

Because who said you had to give up tradition to be vegan?

Allie Mitchell Allie Mitchell
Toluca Bakery & Cafe
Food & Drink Los Angeles
See the article the 9 best frozen vegan chicken wing brands

The 9 Best Frozen Vegan Chicken Wing Brands

Plant-based poultry FTW! Find these vegan chicken bites in a variety of traditional wing flavors.

Anja Grommons Anja Grommons
Jack & Annie's
Food & Drink
See the article the best gluten-free vegan snacks on the market

The Best Gluten-Free Vegan Snacks on the Market

You won’t want to miss out on these inclusive snacks free from gluten and animal ingredients!

Anja Grommons Anja Grommons
Root Foods
Food & Drink
See the article introducing better balance: there’s a new plant-based food brand on the market

Introducing Better Balance: There’s a New Plant-Based Food Brand on the Market

Better Balance showed off their innovative plant-based products at Plant Based World Expo in NYC last month.

Alejandra Tolley Alejandra Tolley
Better Balance
Sponsored Food & Drink


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See the article where to get vegan pizza in chicago

Where to Get Vegan Pizza in Chicago

Pizza is always a good choice. Check out our favorite plant-based pies in Chi-Town.

Anja Grommons Anja Grommons
My Pi Pizza
Food & Drink Chicago
See the article how to eat vegan at panera

How to Eat Vegan at Panera

Pop into this fast-casual restaurant for a plant-based sandwich, soup, or salad combo.

Anja Grommons Anja Grommons
Food & Drink
See the article 10 must-try vegan brunch spots in nyc

10 Must-Try Vegan Brunch Spots in NYC

Brunch in The Big Apple is the only way to start the weekend!

Alejandra Tolley Alejandra Tolley
Food & Drink New York
See the article the best oat milk brands

The Best Oat Milk Brands

Snag a carton of these dairy-free milk varieties next time you’re at the store.

Anja Grommons Anja Grommons
Food & Drink
See the article our 10 favorite places for vegan food in grand rapids, michigan

Our 10 Favorite Places for Vegan Food in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Check out these vegan Grand Rapids restaurant faves!

Anja Grommons Anja Grommons
Stella's Lounge
Food & Drink
See the article the 11 best vegan hot sauce brands

The 11 Best Vegan Hot Sauce Brands

Spice up your life with these peppery, plant-based condiments!

Anja Grommons Anja Grommons
Food & Drink
See the article the best vegan sandwiches across the us

The Best Vegan Sandwiches Across the US

Decked out in artisan plant-based meats and cheeses, these handhelds are legit!

Allie Mitchell Allie Mitchell
Ike’s Sandwiches
Food & Drink
See the article 10 vegan smoothie delivery services

10 Vegan Smoothie Delivery Services

Have your favorite plant-based smoothies delivered to your door!

Anja Grommons Anja Grommons
Food & Drink
See the article the 10 best store-bought vegan cookies

The 10 Best Store-Bought Vegan Cookies

Have a sweet tooth? No worries! Find these tasty vegan desserts at your local grocery store.

Anja Grommons Anja Grommons
Food & Drink


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