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11 Gluten-Free Vegan Frozen Foods You Need to Try

Find these inclusive, plant-based foods in your store’s freezer section!

Mauna Loa
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Courtesy of Mauna Loa

Find these inclusive, plant-based foods in your store’s freezer section!

Getting ready to stock up your freezer with gluten-free vegan goodies? We’ve got you covered. From macadamia nut milk ice cream and plant-based pizzas to vegetable potstickers and frozen burgers, we’re coming through with a little bit of everything. Ready to dig in? Check out our list of these must-try gluten-free vegan frozen foods before you hit the shops.

Mauna Loa Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Ready to taste paradise in a pint? That’s where Mauna Loa Dairy-Free Ice Cream comes in! Created from a creamy, dairy-free macadamia nut milk base, each pint is exactly what your sweet tooth has been craving! Gluten-free vegan ice cream flavors include Strawberry Guava, Kona Coffee, Rocky Road to Hana, and Mango Liliko’i. Whether you like to create DIY sundaes or eat directly from the pint, say “aloha” to Mauna Loa! And now you can experience the brand’s iconic treats in pop form. Made also from macadamia nut milk, Mauna Loa’s vegan ice cream pops are rich, delicious, and totally refreshing.

Mauna Loa

Courtesy of Mauna Loa

Wholly Veggie Mozzarella Style Sticks

The Wholly Veggie Mozzarella Style Sticks are the best! IYKYK. Made with rescued vegetables, what’s not to love? The Wholly Veggie brand is also here to wow you with the rest of its gluten-free vegan frozen food selection! Peep options like Vegan Hot Honey Cauliflower Wings, Cheddar Style Jalapeño Sticks, and Ranch Cauliflower Wings. We’ll take one of each, please!

Wholly Veggie

Courtesy of Wholly Veggie

Daiya Pizza & Flatbreads

It’s time for a little frozen pizza moment. And these days, we’re reaching for a gluten-free vegan frozen pizza! Who’s with us? Leave it to OG vegan food brand Daiya to come through with the real freezer staples. The brand’s tasty varieties range from Supreme and BBQ Chick’n Style ‘za to Mushroom, Caramelized Onion, & Fig Flatbreads! We reach for the latter when we’re feeling our fanciest.


Courtesy of Daiya

Planet Based Foods Frozen Desserts

Get ready to treat yourself to Planet Based Foods Frozen Desserts! Made with organic ingredients, these gluten-free vegan ice creams are both sustainable and delicious. Available in flavors like Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Coffee Chip, and Acai with Granola, these frozen treats are our newest freezer staple. And we love the dietary fiber, B vitamins, and minerals that the eco-friendly hemp adds to these plant-based desserts.

Planet Based Foods

Courtesy of Planet Based Foods

Starlite Cuisine Taquitos

Think back to that first bite of a taquito after a long day of middle school. Life was good. While the taquitos of our past were likely not gluten-free or vegan, Starlite Cuisine is here to rewrite and proofread our childhood memories with its gluten-free vegan frozen taquitos. Enjoy Beefy, Chick’n, Chorizo & Black Bean, and Potato Jalapeno Cheese taquito varieties along with the brand’s rolled tacos and enchiladas.

Starlite Cuisine

Courtesy of Starlite Cuisine

Raised Gluten Free Gluten-Free Vegan Pies

Whether you prefer sweet treats or savory eats, Raised Gluten Free has an inclusive pie with your name on it. From Chocolate Silk Pie and Dutch Apple to Vegetable Pot Pie and Vegan Quiche, this woman-owned, allergy-friendly brand has the gluten-free vegan pies on lock! Keep one in your freezer for upcoming holidays and those special “just because” moments.

Raised Gluten Free

Courtesy of Raised Gluten Free

Amy’s Gluten-Free, Non-Dairy Bean & Rice Burrito

When you need a convenient, filling, and delicious handheld that fits both the gluten-free and vegan bill, it’s time to reach for Amy’s Gluten-Free, Non-Dairy Bean & Rice Burrito. Loaded with pinto beans, brown rice, vegetables, and a mild Mexican-style sauce, this frozen burrito wrap is a great staple to keep on hand when you need something in a snap.


Courtesy of Amy’s

Jolly Llama Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Cones

Available in flavors like Vanilla Fudge Sundae and White Mint Chip, the Jolly Llama Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Cones are a gluten-free vegan dream come true! And these frozen desserts are giving us all of the childhood nostalgia. Plus, the brand also has other inclusive novelty treats to chow down on!

Jolly Llama

Courtesy of Jolly Llama

Feel Good Foods Vegetable Potstickers

Whether you have celiac disease or are gluten-free by choice, Feel Good Foods has the hookup on certified gluten-free foods that taste great. While not all products are vegan, the brand’s Vegetable Potstickers are a plant-based choice we make over and over again. These veggie-filled bites come with a tasty dipping sauce to round out your experience.

Feel Good Foods

Courtesy of Feel Good Foods

Dr. Praeger’s Southwestern Black Bean Crunchy Stars

Is it the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Because we’re totally seeing stars over here! Made from whole foods like black beans, brown rice, red bell peppers, and corn, Dr. Praeger’s Southwestern Black Bean Crunchy Stars are an appetizer fave! Find these gluten-free vegan frozen eats at Target.

Dr. Praeger’s

Courtesy of Dr. Praeger’s

Beyond Burgers Plant-Based Patties

We love an inclusive food product that not only tastes great but can accommodate a variety of dietary needs. In addition to being vegan and gluten-free, Beyond Burger Plant-Based Patties are also free from soy and GMOs. So, what exactly are these freezer staples made from? Primarily pea protein! It’s time to fire up the grill, assemble the condiments, and enjoy a homemade burger-and-fry combo.

Beyond Meat

Courtesy of Beyond Meat

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