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This Black-Owned Vegan Ice Cream Shop Is Bringing Flavors from Around the World to Baltimore

Cajou Creamery makes eclectic vegan ice cream flavors from scratch.

Cajou Creamery
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Cajou Creamery makes eclectic vegan ice cream flavors from scratch.

Vegan ice cream has come a long way over the past couple of years, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Leave the plain vegan ice cream on the shelves and check out this Black-owned vegan ice cream shop that is bringing flavors from around the world to Baltimore.

Family-Owned Vegan Ice Cream Shop in Baltimore

Cajou Creamery is a Baltimore-based vegan ice cream shop specializing in making flavors from around the world. When Nicole Foster—one part of the wife-and-husband team that founded Cajou Creamery—first had children, she began to question the ingredients that are in much of our food.

Nicole obtained a certification as a raw vegan chef and began to experiment with making dairy-free ice cream for her lactose-intolerant kids. After comparing her ice cream made with whole foods and clean ingredients to those available at grocery stores, she told her husband, Dwight (who is also a chef), that they had something special. Dwight joined the team as Executive Chef, and Cajou Creamery was born!

Ice Cream Flavors from Around the World

Not only does Cajou Creamery make vegan ice cream from scratch using whole foods and real ingredients, but they specialize in making flavors that you won’t find anywhere else. These flavors are inspired by the Fosters’ passion for travel and the tastes of international cuisine.

At Cajou Creamery, you’ll find flavors like Horchata, Baklava, Kulfi, Cheesecake, Sweet Potato, and Mexican Cacao. All varieties are made using real ingredients and without any artificial flavors or fillers. The Sweet Potato ice cream, for example, is made by roasting sweet potatoes with cinnamon and nutmeg and swirling them into a base of raw cashews.

Aside from these staples, Cajou Creamery also offers specialty flavors on occasion, such as French Poached Pear, Bananas Foster, and Mango Lassi. This summer, the vegan ice cream shop will be releasing a series of flavors inspired by summer on the islands, such as Soursop, June Plum, and other Caribbean-inspired flavors.

Vegan Ice Cream with a Side of Activism

Aside from serving up some of the best vegan ice cream around, the Fosters are also heavily involved in social activism. Cajou Creamery is currently working on building out a fully plant-based manufacturing facility as they continue to expand and enter into more markets.

When the facility is finished, the Fosters plan to employ formerly incarcerated individuals who are struggling to re-enter society and find work. Employers are less likely to offer formerly incarcerated people jobs, which can often lead to a path of reimprisonment. The Fosters hope to bring awareness to this cycle and offer those coming out of the system a second chance and an opportunity to thrive. As this cycle disproportionately affects people of color, this activism will come with a huge impact on the local community.

Cajou Creamery’s Vegan Ice Cream Ships Nationwide

Cajou Creamery is located at 411 N Howard St, Baltimore, Maryland 21201, but the brand also offers nationwide shipping on their pints, including a monthly subscription club that comes with four discounted pints per month.

Additionally, Cajou Creamery is currently in the middle of a large rollout at Whole Foods in the entire Mid-Atlantic region. The brand can be found at Whole Foods in the Baltimore area immediately, with other states and cities soon to follow.

Visit CajouCreamery.com to learn more about this Black-owned vegan ice cream shop offering nationwide shipping, social activism, and delicious flavors!

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