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The Best Vegan Easter Candy of 2023

From classic chocolate bunnies and cream-filled eggs to fruity jelly beans, this article covers the hottest treats of the season.

Sjaak's chocolate with box and basket
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Courtesy of Sjaak's

From classic chocolate bunnies and cream-filled eggs to fruity jelly beans, this article covers the hottest treats of the season.

It’s time to load up on Easter candy! Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday or participate in Easter egg hunts, who’s to say you can’t partake in the sweets? Without further ado, here’s a list of the best vegan Easter candy of 2023.


We’re drooling over Sjaak’s vegan Easter chocolate. From caramel-filled chocolate eggs to classic chocolate bunnies and assorted truffles, the options are endless! Our top choice this year? The Vegan Egg, which is a vegan milk chocolate eggshell filled with peanut butter dark chocolate bunnies.

Sjaak's bag of vegan candy

Courtesy of Sjaak’s

Chomp Chocolate

Stop what you’re doing and place an order of vegan chocolate eggs from Chomp Chocolate! The Portland-based company makes some of our favorite vegan chocolate bars, so it’s safe to say we’ll be stocking up. What’s it gonna be—White Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs or Chocolate Caramel Eggs? We vote both!

Chomp Chocolate vegan easter egg candies

Courtesy of Chomp Chocolate


From Gummy Fruits, Lollipops, and Jelly Beans to Giggles (which are a better-for-you rendition of Skittles), there’s no shortage of delicious treats to try this season. Looking for something more interactive? Order YumEarth’s new Choco Yums Cake Bites Kit, and make your own egg-shaped treats.

YumEarth vegan cake bites kit

Courtesy of YumEarth

Trupo Treats

You may know Trupo Treats for making vegan renditions of iconic chocolate bars. But this spring, you’ll know them for making the most delicious vegan chocolate bunnies! The Extra Large Vegan Easter Bunny is available in Mylk or White Chocolate. Our suggestion? Order both!

Trupo Treats chocolates in Easter basket

Courtesy of Trupo Treats

No Whey

Wow everyone at the Easter egg hunt with No Whey’s delicious vegan chocolate bunnies, eggs, lollipops, and truffles! Whatever you do, order the Mini Cream Veggs. They taste just like the iconic Cadbury Cream Eggs—without any animal products.

No Whey vegan cream egg candy

Courtesy of No Whey

Raaka Chocolate

Raaka Chocolate’s Robins Eggs are the perfect combination of festive and sustainable! These single origin vegan white chocolate eggs showcase a natural blue spirulina dye and hand-painted dark chocolate speckles. It’s a ten out of ten in our book!

Raaka Chocolate eggs in packaging with confetti

Courtesy of Raaka Chocolate

Karma Baker

This vegan bakery offers all sorts of adorable vegan treats to sink your teeth into this Easter. Their most popular pick has to be the Easter Cream Eggs, hand-filled with a decadent cream center and a yellow “yolk.” Other cute selections include the Bunny Butt Donuts, Peanut Butter Eggs, and Holiday Cake Pops.

Karma Baker cream-filled chocolate egg on table

Courtesy of Karma Baker

Chocolate Inspirations


Did you know this decades-old chocolate company crafts decadent vegan options? For Easter, Chocolate Inspirations stocks vegan chocolate bunnies and eggs in dark, crunch, caramel, and cookie butter varieties.

Chocolate Inspirations chocolates in Easter basket

Courtesy of Chocolate Inspirations

Lake Champlain Chocolates


We can all agree that one of the best aspects of holidays is the candy dish, and Lake Champlain Chocolates has us hopping for joy over their vegan options! The Oat Milk Bunny, Dark Chocolate Carrot, and Salted Caramel Flowers are definitely at the top of our list.

Lake Champlain Chocolates Easter bunny chocolate

Courtesy of Lake Champlain Chocolates

Hotel Chocolat


The Extra Thick Unbelievably Vegan Egg from Hotel Chocolat is the ultimate Easter find! It’s made up of a huge nut milk-based chocolate egg with vegan truffles, pralines, and caramels inside. Crack it open and experience the magic! Explore Hotel Chocolat’s other vegan Easter candy under the “vegan” tab on their website.

Hotel Chocolat chocolate eggs with packaging in background

Courtesy of Hotel Chocolat

Whole Foods


If you aren’t able to order candy from a fully vegan business this year, Whole Foods’ Organic Dark Chocolate Bunny is a great alternative. There are only three ingredients used—all of which are organic, non-GMO, fair trade, and vegan.

Whole Foods Dark Chocolate Bunny in store

Whole Foods Dark Chocolate Bunny Photo by Kreg Sterns



Surprisingly enough, this mainstream chocolate brand has a few accidentally vegan treats! This year, their Dark Chocolate Bunny fits the bill for vegan-friendly. So if you’re looking for a last-minute treat to put in your basket, Lindt is your brand!

Lindt chocolate vegan Easter bunny

Courtesy of Lindt

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