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Trupo Treats Just Launched Vegan Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows

This sustainable vegan chocolate brand is on a roll!

Trupo Treats vegan hot chocolate

Trupo Treats

This sustainable vegan chocolate brand is on a roll!

Keeping up the trend of veganizing your childhood favorites, Trupo Treats just launched vegan hot chocolate and marshmallows. So grab your favorite mug, and get ready to cozy up in the most delectable way!

Vegan Mylk Hot Chocolate

Founded by twin brothers Charlie and Brian Trupo, Trupo Treats offers a Vegan Mylk Hot Chocolate that exudes nostalgia. It mimics the creamy, comforting taste of traditional hot chocolate, but better! Rather than using animal-based milk powder, Trupo Treats crafts this vegan hot chocolate mix with coconut milk powder. Other ingredients include cane sugar, cocoa powder, and vanilla—all of which are also organic.

To prepare your vegan hot chocolate, just stir three tablespoons of the powdered mix into a cup of warm, creamy plant-based milk. The result? A rich, chocolaty beverage that brightens your spirits with every sip. Customers say this hot chocolate is so decadently delicious, it tastes like a melted chocolate bar!

“Hot chocolate was always my go-to winter drink to warm me up when I was a kid. Since there aren’t many vegan hot chocolates on the market, Brian and I thought, ‘Why not add it to our delicious collection of vegan treats?’ Our Mylk Hot Chocolate tastes even better than the one I grew up drinking, and it’s obviously vegan too, which makes it 10 times better! We’re always innovating and making products that we think our customers will like, and so far it’s been a huge hit,” shares Charlie Trupo, co-founder of Trupo Treats.


Vegan White Hot Chocolate

But Trupo Treats didn’t stop with one vegan hot chocolate version. They also debuted a Vegan White Hot Chocolate mix. The gourmet beverage features the same decadent chocolate flavor, but the ingredients contain oat milk powder instead of cocoa powder. This gives White Hot Chocolate a lighter color and even creamier taste than the Mylk Chocolate rendition.

If you want to try both hot chocolate varieties, we suggest ordering the Vegan Hot Chocolate Bundle. The cute, giftable bundle comes with one 12oz bag of Vegan Mylk Hot Chocolate, one 12oz bag of Vegan White Hot Chocolate, and one 8oz bag of Vegan Mini Marshmallows.

Vegan Mini Marshmallows

No cup of hot chocolate is complete without marshmallows! And since most mainstream brands use gelatin in their marshmallows, Trupo Treats released a vegan version. Not only that, but they’re miniature-sized. How cute!

Trupo Treats’ Vegan Mini Marshmallows come in 8oz bags. The sweet, squishy treats feature carrageenan and hydrolyzed rice protein as a gelling agent, instead of gelatin. Place a handful on top of your hot cocoa, add them to your next batch of cookies, or eat them straight out of the bag.

Trupo Treats co-founder Brian Trupo states, “I’ve been obsessed with marshmallows my entire life and love to plop them in hot chocolate. When I realized there was only one true competitor in the United States for vegan marshmallows, I knew we had to work on this and come up with a marshmallow product ourselves! The best part of our marshmallows is that they’re free from so many more allergens!”

Ethical Vegan Chocolate Company

If this is your first time purchasing from Trupo Treats, here’s a brief backstory on the brand. After struggling to find vegan milk chocolate, Brian Trupo, Charlie Trupo, and Kaytie Kellaway set out to make their own.

Trupo Treats first broke the internet with their vegan and gluten-free take on a KitKat style bar. The brand also offers a Vegan Mylk Chocolate Bar in two varieties—Classic and Rice Crunch (a la Crunch).

Trupo Treats

Trupo Treats

In addition to the nostalgic taste of their vegan candy bars, the Trupo Treats crew focuses on being an ethical and sustainable company. They source direct trade cacao, use recyclable candy wrappers, and donate a portion of their sales to animal sanctuaries.

“Being vegan for me isn’t about being on a diet, it’s an ethical way of life … therefore I still want to be able to eat yummy foods! So I teamed up with Brian and Charlie to recreate them in a cruelty-free version. This time of year, hot chocolate is a big one that we miss—so we created a vegan hot chocolate and white hot chocolate that have all the nostalgic deliciousness but cruelty-free. You CAN have your cake and eat it too now,” stated Kellaway.

For more information, visit TrupoTreats.com. And use promo code VEGOUT15 for 15% off your purchase!

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