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See the article 6 black-owned vegan fashion brands to shop online

6 Black-Owned Vegan Fashion Brands to Shop Online

It’s more important now than ever to make sure we are supporting the Black Lives Matter movement with our wallets, and one way we can do that is with what we wear! Here are 6 Black-owned vegan fashion brands with a mission to spread cruelty-free awareness with fire fashion statements.

Cat Limket
Fashion & Beauty
See the article 7 vegan supplements to support health and well-being

7 Vegan Supplements to Support Health and Well-Being

By now we all know the basics of a good vegan diet: a quality multivitamin, greens, fruits, protein, carbs, etc. Basically, eat whatever we want that’s vegan. But what if you’ve got other things concerning you regarding health? Well, we’ve got you covered with these vegan supplements for all that ails you!

Cat Limket
Fashion & Beauty
See the article 10 vegan beauty products we love to order (plus discounts!)

10 Vegan Beauty Products We Love to Order (Plus Discounts!)

Just because the world has shut down and no one is going to see you but your cat, Fanny, and your Grandma May over Skype, doesn’t mean you need to come out of self-quarantine looking like Benjamin Button at the beginning of his life. Your favorite beauty stores may be closed, but many companies are still delivering! Read on to find out our favorite vegan beauty products available to order so that you can emerge from self-isolation looking refreshed, renewed, and like Benjamin Button at his mid-way aging point (hello, Brad Pitt at his peak!).

Cat Limket
Fashion & Beauty
See the article 5 sustainable denim brands you should know about

5 Sustainable Denim Brands You Should Know About

Developing a semi-normal day-to-day routine is tough these days as we find ourselves waking up whenever, eating frozen dinner for breakfast, and being caught up on our entire IG feeds each day. And to be clear, there ain’t nothing wrong with all that! One thing we are incorporating as a daily habit is changing out of our PJ’s into some jeans and a basic tee, and maybe, just maybe if we are really feeling on top of it, brushing our hair. Here are 5 vegan and sustainable jeans that you can order online!

Cat Limket
Fashion & Beauty
See the article 10 self-care activities to do at home during the coronavirus quarantine

10 Self-Care Activities to Do at Home During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Introverts rejoice! Finally, an excuse to do you. In light of everything going on in the world, there’s always a silver lining. And that silver lining is you now have time to do ALL. THE. VEGAN. THINGS. At home … by yourself … with no one to bother you or your wine! Read on for our top 10 self-quarantine at-home activities!

Cat Limket
Fashion & Beauty
See the article 5 vegan beauty treatments in l.a. for every concern

5 Vegan Beauty Treatments in L.A. for Every Concern

At some point in every LA dweller’s life there comes an existential moment—most likely while you leisurely sip your $14 Oat Milk Latte with Ashwagandha at Erewhon—where you turn to your best buddy with an earth-shattering “Aha!” realization. You say, “I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really good looking, and I plan on finding out what that is.” Then you become a super woke AF vegan who shares compassion for all living beings and realizes that you can slam down carbs like a wrestler preparing for a pro-match and still look dang good. However, even with that pregnant-esque looking glow (that’s actually just a food baby glow) and practically ageless skin no longer tainted by animal hormones, you still have beauty concerns you would love to address. Well little beauty baby, we are here to tell you there’s a vegan treatment FO DAT!

Cat Limket
Fashion & Beauty Los Angeles


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