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12 Cruelty-Free Cleansers to Add to Your Morning Routine

Give yourself a spa-like experience with these vegan face washes—your skin will thank us later!

Fleur & Bee products with florals and coconut
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Courtesy of Fleur & Bee

Give yourself a spa-like experience with these vegan face washes—your skin will thank us later!

Start the day right with these 12 cruelty-free cleansers! These products are infused with botanicals, antioxidants, and nourishing oil blends that leave you feeling squeaky clean—but without stripping the skin! So, treat yourself and add one of these must-tries to your morning routine ASAP!

Summer Fridays Super Amino Gel Cleanser

Get your skin’s pH balance in check with Summer Fridays Super Amino Gel Cleanser! Consisting of 11 amino acids and mineral-rich seawater, the vegan product’s gentle formula is for all skin types.

Summer Fridays product being poured all over packaging

Courtesy of Summer Fridays

Pholk Beauty Daily Detox Face Wash

Need a deep cleanse for stubborn pores? Pholk Beauty Daily Detox Face Wash has got you covered. The key ingredients are Kalahari watermelon seed oil and Somali white frankincense, which delivers a balanced finish without stripping the skin.

Polk Beauty product with flower on shelf

Courtesy of Pholk Beauty

OSEA Ocean Cleanser

Give your skin a hydro-boost with this beauty must-have! OSEA’s Ocean Cleanser has a gel texture that gently exfoliates while leaving a radiant complexion. Lactic acid, bentonite, and a nourishing oil blend create the perfect balance for day and night use.

Person holding Osea product by the beach

Courtesy of Osea

Lush Fresh Farmacy

If you’re looking for a zero-waste cleanser, look no further! Lush’s Fresh Farmacy is the go-to for all skin concerns, whether you’re acne-prone, dry, or sensitive. Pro tip: Chop it into four pieces to make it last longer!

Lush face wash soap

Courtesy of Lush

Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser

Recharge your complexion with Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser! Made with powerhouse antioxidants like strawberry seed oil, hydrolyzed wheat protein, and tomato extracts, this vegan face wash leaves your skin brighter and healthier.

Person pumping out Indie Lee Product into hand

Courtesy of Indie Lee

Bigger Than Beauty Bright Balance Hydrating Gel Cleanser

This all-in-one face wash is the real deal. Bigger Than Beauty’s Bright Balance Hydrating Gel Cleanser removes waterproof makeup, removes impurities, and improves skin texture. Its versatile formula makes it a staple for everyone!

Bigger Than Beauty face wash

Courtesy of Bigger Than Beauty

Botanical Republic Revive Gentle Emollient Cleanser

Bring your skin back to life with this beauty must-have! Botanical Republic Revive Gentle Emollient Cleanser deeply washes the skin without compromising moisture. German chamomile, calendula, and mango seed are key ingredients that replenish and calm the skin.

Botanical Republic products laying down

Courtesy of Botanical Republic

Moon Juice Milk Cleanse

This creamy cleanser will become your holy grail! Its nourishing formula soothes irritation and strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier. Your skin won’t feel stripped or tight—perfect for drier skin types!

Moon Juice face wash in water

Courtesy of Moon Juice

Biossance Squalane + Amino Aloe Gentle Cleanser

Biossance’s Squalene + Amino Aloe Gentle Cleanser promotes a healthy glow that will keep your skin hooked! Its protein-rich formula breaks down excess oils from daily pollutants, leaving you feeling supple and soft.

Biossance product in bubbly water

Courtesy of Biossance

Wyld Skincare Seas The Day Creamy Gel Cleanser

Kickstart your day with this revitalizing face wash! Whether your skin needs a detox or a pick-me-up, Wyld Skincare’s Seas The Day Creamy Gel Cleanser will do the trick. This skin essential has nutritious ingredients like watermelon, moringa seed, and hibiscus extract.

Wyld Skincare products on bed

Courtesy of Wyld Skincare

Fleur & Bee So Clean!

This vegan face wash soothes redness and is packed with skin-loving nutrients! Rosemary extract, organic aloe vera, glycerin, and organic gotu kola restore and revitalize the complexion with each cleanse.

Fleur & Bee products with florals and coconut

Courtesy of Fleur & Bee

WYOS The Clean Sweep Gentle Face Cleanser Stick

Add this travel-friendly cleanser to your packing list! Its portable, low-waste packaging is excellent for on-the-go skincare. The roll-on applicator ensures a thorough deep cleanse for happier-looking skin.

WYOS products laying down

Courtesy of WYOS

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