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14 Best Vegan Leather Bags

These brands have the perfect bag for the job!

Lost Woods
Fashion & Beauty

Courtesy of Lost Woods

These brands have the perfect bag for the job!

From crisp, clean camera bags to slouchy bucket bags, these brands have what you’re looking for! Whether it’s for a date night look or everyday wear, these vegan leather bags handle your needs in style.

Lost Woods

Searching for a vegan leather bag that isn’t plastic? Lost Woods has you covered. They offer handbags, backpacks, and wallets made from MIRUM, one of the world’s first 100% plastic-free vegan leathers. This wonder material boasts tree rubber, natural fillers, plant fibers, oils, and waxes. We’re loving the versatile Briar Baguette Bag with its selection of straps, from thick crossbody strap to leather shoulder strap and chain.

Lost Woods

Courtesy of Lost Woods



KAAI founders Helga Meersmans and Ine Verhaert craft their brand new vegan tote line from cactus leather. This durable, moisture-resistant material mirrors the luxury of traditional leather without harming animals. Available in timeless Black and Cognac, the Pyramid Tote and Midi Pyramid redefine eco-friendly elegance. Join the movement toward sustainable fashion with KAAI’s new innovative collection.


Courtesy of KAAI

Lo & Sons


Three words: Cactus leather collection. This vegan-friendly Asian American family-owned business offers a great selection of vegan leather bags! Check out their Waverley 2 and Pearl, great crossbody bags for everyday wear. Pair these with the brand’s Small Wallet, a perfect choice with its minimalist design. Or go for the Leather Wallet, a sleek look that can even be used on its own.

Lo & Sons

Courtesy of Lo & Sons


The Kedzie Modernist Vegan Leather Crossbody is our go-to look this season. The camera bag style comes in a multitude of colors and is just right for afternoon treks to the coffee shop. You’ll also find bucket bags, quilted bags, mini messengers, and more. But can we just talk about the Gemini Crossbody in Cosmos? So cute!

Person wearing Kenzie vegan bag

Courtesy of Kedzie

LaBante London

Looking for a new vegan tote? Then head to LaBante London! These ethical bags are not only stylish, but they come in a variety of designs. Check out the Rosie Black Mini BackPack. This handwoven vegan leather bag’s lining is constructed from recycled plastic bottles! You’ll also find laptop backpacks, crossbody bags, and more.

Person wearing LaBante London bag

Courtesy of LaBante London

Matt & Nat

Find the perfect summer bag at Matt & Nat. Whether you’re searching for shoulder bags, totes, satchels, or belt bags, they have the look you need. Check out the BEE Vegan Crossbody for an easy everyday wear. Working from home and coffee shop? Let the ABBI Vegan Tote Bag handle your workday gear.

Matt & Nat bag with disco ball

Courtesy of Matt & Nat

Angela Roi

These eco-friendly vegan bags are just what you’ve been searching for. New this season is the Sunday Micro Signet. Available in Lavender, Cloud, Coral, and more, this little cutie is constructed of ultra-soft vegan leather and comes with a removable strap. Also, be sure to check out their vegan totes in apple leather.

Angela Roi vegan bag

Courtesy of Angela Roi

Sans Beast

Head to Sans Beast for the vegan leather bags you’ll love! Whether it’s their Reader Satchel (so many pockets!) or their jewel-toned Bright Spark Crossbody, you’re sure to find a bag that fits your needs. That Dumpling Pouche, though! Consider this slouchy, collapsible version of the classic bucket bag your new go-to statement piece.

Person wearing Sans Beast crossbody vegan bag

Courtesy of Sans Beast

Urban Originals

Urban Originals is the spot to shop for interesting designs. Whether it’s their Into the Garden with its brightly colored rope strap or the Mini Luna Biker in quilted denim, you’re sure to find something to express your individual style. And take a look at the Liberty while you’re there. This is a great everyday compact sling bag.

Person wearing Urban Originals bag

Courtesy of Urban Originals


Let’s discuss the fun bags at Hozen! Want a bag shaped like a heart? They’ve got it! Looking for a straw cactus tote? Um, yes, of course they have that. From their Quilted Mini Duffle Bags to their laidback Sling Pouch, they’re sure to have a look to express your style. And don’t forget to add a Phone Sling to your cart.

Hozen bag laying on surface

Courtesy of Hozen

Melie Bianco

Feeling fancy? We see Melie Bianco’s Shelly Recycled Vegan Shoulder Bag in your future. Available in Lilac, Lime, Bone, and more, this braided design is perfect for first date meet-ups and elegant date nights alike. You might also enjoy the Drew Recycled Vegan Top Handle Bag and the Maddy Recycled Vegan Crossbody, both new this season.

Melie Bianco

Courtesy of Melie Bianco

Mali + Lili

Three words: Gwen. Woven. Sling. We’re loving it in the Tan/Hot Pink! You’ll want to grab this one every time you head out the door. Other new looks include the Estie Tote, the Mali Shoulder Bag, and the Josephine Crossbody. This woman-owned brand is the ultimate in sustainable style in vegan leather bags.

Mali + Lili sling bags

Courtesy of Mali + Lili

Pixie Mood

We like the Bean Clutch for holding all our vegan essentials. We’re looking at you, zero-waste lippies! The minimalist design is perfect for when you don’t feel like heading out with a bag. Need something with a little more oomph? Check out their Bean Crossbody, Jaelyn Pouch, or Becca Tote.

Person holding Pixie Mood bag

Courtesy of Pixie Mood

Street Level

Street Level does the season right with their Zara Straw Bag, Marigold Quilted Crossbody, and Amaya Trapeze Bag. These cute designs come in whimsical colors just right for summer! Choose from shades like Lime, Pink, Wolf, and Orange. For a little extra fun, be sure to check out the Tessa Scrunchie Tote while you’re there.

Street Level bag on floor

Courtesy of Street Level

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