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Top Vegan-Friendly Cities Around the World

Check out the leading vegan cities of 2024.


Photo by Benjamin Davies

Check out the leading vegan cities of 2024.

We know you love a good Instagram moment! And what better way to capture those drool-worthy photos than with a plant-based vacay? But where to find the vegan food? No worries, friends. We’ve done the research for you! Here are the top vegan-friendly cities around the world for 2024, according to our friends at HappyCow.

London: HappyCow’s Top Vegan City of 2024

Make your reservation for Hilton London Bankside‘s all-vegan suite, then enjoy everything this vegan-friendly city has to offer. Whether you’re searching for dinner and drinks, afternoon tea, or even vegan donuts, London has you covered! One of the most sought-after vegan destinations in the world can now boast that it’s HappyCow’s top vegan city of 2024!


Photo by Benjamin Davies

Berlin: A Smorgasbord of Vegan Delights

It’s no surprise that Germany, one of the top vegan-friendly countries, is home to one of the leading vegan cities. Berlin comes in at number two on HappyCow’s top vegan-friendly cities list. Along with other German plant-based gems like Munich and Cologne, Berlin offers a smorgasbord of vegan delights. Enjoy bratwurst, sauerkraut, pretzels, and more.


Photo by Florian Wehde

Barcelona: Spain’s Up-And-Coming Vegan-Friendly City

We’re headed to this up-and-coming vegan-friendly city for a wealth of plant-based options. Spain’s Barcelona offers everything from burgers and beers at the Vegan Cat Bar to upscale sushi at the Age of Aquarius. In addition, you will find 100% vegan markets, sweet shops, and stores such as V Market, La Capritxeria, and Vegans & Bio.


Photo by D Jonez

Amsterdam: The Place to Get Your Freak Fries On

How do we love Amsterdam? Let us count the ways. Check out our list of Must-Try Vegan Restaurants in Amsterdam to enjoy a culinary tour of this vegan-friendly city. Get your Freak Fries on at the Vegan Junk Food Bar. Or pick up a coffee and croissant at the all-vegan Margo’s Amsterdam. Whatever you do, don’t miss the pizza and pasta at Trevi’s!


Photo by Adrien Olichon

Hamburg: Where You Can Enjoy Lunch in the Company of Cats

Germany does it again! Hamburg makes its debut on HappyCow’s list of top vegan-friendly cities around the world. Whether you’re looking for schnitzel and salads or cupcakes and doughnuts, you will find all those and more. And might we suggest visiting Katzentempel, where you can enjoy lunch in the company of cats?


Photo by Moritz Kindler

Portland: The Vegan-Friendly City to Watch

We see you Portland! We see your vegan ice cream, mocktails, brunch, and beyond. From cozy cafes to trendy bistros, Portland offers top spots to indulge in plant-based eats. We’re marking this one as the vegan-friendly city to watch. From sushi and cocktails to pizza and noodles, you’re sure to find what you crave.


Photo by Peter Bucks

Los Angeles: A US Vegan Oasis

Of course, we are! Of course, we are on HappyCow’s list. From tacos and burgers to cookies, conchas, and ramen, LA, VegOut’s own home base, has it all. Looking for food trucks? We’ve got them! Brick-and-mortars and pop-ups? We’ve got those, too. Consistently ranked as one of the top vegan-friendly cities globally, Los Angeles is a US vegan oasis.

Los Angeles

Photo by Dillon Shook

Paris: The Spot for Vegan Croissants and Cruffins

If you’re looking for must-try vegan restaurants in Paris, we’ve got a few. Start your day with croissants or cruffins at VG Pâtisserie. Then grab burgers and fries at Hank Burger for lunch. Feeling fancy? You will want to hit up the upscale Le Potager de Charlotte for gourmet vegan cuisine. From baguettes and rigatoni to donuts and chicken tenders, Paris is the spot to be.


Photo by Alexander Kagan

Bangkok: A Growing Vegan Hub

HappyCow celebrates Bangkok on its list of top vegan-friendly cities for hitting the “100 all-vegan restaurants” mark. We’ll cheers to that! Looking for some yummy vegan Thai food? You’ll find it here. Looking for 100% plant-based shops and markets? You will find those, too! This growing vegan hub is where it’s at.


Photo by Andreas Brücker

Lisbon: Budget-Friendly City to Add to Your Bucket List

We are headed to Lisbon for pizza, Indian-fusion entrees, sushi, traditional Portuguese dishes, and more. The vegan-friendly city offers everything from take-out to brunch and cute little bistros to upscale dining venues. Whatever you do, be sure to add this budget-friendly city to your vegan bucket list.


Photo by Aayush Gupta

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