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5 Ways to Maximize Your Gut Health

Unlock your optimal digestive wellness with healthy lifestyle changes and science-backed probiotics.


Courtesy of Seed

Unlock your optimal digestive wellness with healthy lifestyle changes and science-backed probiotics.

Have you ever wanted to level up your gut health? Maybe you struggle with occasional bloating, abdominal pain, or other forms of GI distress. Those issues can be incredibly frustrating and impact your day-to-day life. While supporting your gut health doesn’t come with a one-size-fits-all approach, there are several things you can do right now to benefit your GI tract. From modifying your diet, focusing on regular exercise, and reducing your stress to finding a probiotic supplement that’s right for you, check out some of our favorite hacks to improve your gut health.

Limit trigger foods

As you’ve heard us say before, all foods can fit within a healthy diet. While that remains true, certain foods can contribute to GI distress. Processed foods high in added sugar may contribute to increased inflammation in the gut and may also decrease the amount of good bacteria present. While limiting the regular consumption of these foods may improve your overall gut health, you may also find relief by limiting personal trigger foods as well. To better understand what you may be reacting to, consider keeping a food-and-symptom journal to identify your reaction to triggers such as caffeine, spice, and fermentable carbohydrates.

Focus on whole foods

So, what are we supposed to eat? Building your meals around fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and grains can contribute to a healthy and diverse microbiome. Additionally, consuming collagen-building foods like citrus and broccoli may also be a gut-healthy choice. Remember to chew your food well, avoid skipping meals, and be sure to eat enough to adequately fuel your body. Your gut will thank you.


Move your body

You already know how good exercise is for the rest of your body, but did you know that it’s also a great practice for your gut health? Whether it be practicing yoga, walking, weight training, swimming, or some other form of exercise, regular movement can help improve circulation and promote better digestion. Taking a quick walk after meals to promote digestion and alleviate bloating is a great example of the power of small, healthy lifestyle modifications.

Reduce your stress

While it’s much easier said than done, reducing your stress can significantly improve your gut health and improve any GI distress you may be faced with. As many of our feel-good hormones are located in the gut, reducing stress through regular exercise, proper sleep, relaxation techniques, connecting with others, and seeking mental health services as needed is an incredibly important step in improving the health of our digestive organs.

Consider a probiotic

Adding to our list of gut health-promoting foods, your GI tract loves fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, and probiotic-rich vegan yogurts. But, if you’re looking for a simple, surefire way to consume science-backed probiotics, consider adding a supplement. While the market is stocked with vegan probiotic capsules, finding one that has evidence behind it can be a challenge. But as always, we’ve got you covered on that front. Here’s your sign to check out Seed!

Seed’s DS-01 Daily Synbiotic: Not Your Average Probiotic

A leading company in the microbiome science industry, Seed is pioneering innovations in the world of probiotics. The award-winning, evidence-based brand launched Seed’s DS-01 Daily Synbiotic in 2018, a broad-spectrum probiotic and prebiotic formulated to promote whole-body benefits. In addition to your balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, Seed’s proprietary formulation includes strains studied to support the health of your GI tract, skin, and heart.


Courtesy of Seed

Combining both probiotics and prebiotics, DS-01 contains 24 scientifically validated probiotic strains with a patented, non-fermenting prebiotic sourced from Indian pomegranates that are gentle on the gut. Unlike other probiotics on the market, Seed quantifies its probiotics with AFU (active fluorescent units), a more precise measurement allowing for a more effective dose rather than CFU (colony forming units). DS-01 has also gone the extra mile with its patented capsule-in-capsule technology to ensure that the organisms go where they need to go to be effective. This system is engineered to protect the probiotic strains during digestion for precise release to the colon. The capsule-in-capsule technology also protects the bacteria from extreme conditions that may occur during the shipping and handling processes.

Ready to level up your efforts to support your gut health? Because, same! Seed’s DS-01 Daily Synbiotic is available through a monthly subscription. The clinically studied capsules cost $49.99 per month. While a bit more expensive than other probiotics, the cost of Seed’s DS-01 can be justified by its scientific backing, superior quality, and range of benefits to your digestion and beyond.


Courtesy of Seed

Shop now at Seed.com and follow along on the brand’s Instagram for more information. Plus, use promo code 20VEGOUT for 20% off your first month of DS-01 Daily Synbiotic!

Disclaimer: Material presented here is intended to serve informational purposes regarding the topics of food, nutrition, and wellness. This content is not intended to substitute for medical advice or diagnosis. If therapeutic attention is warranted, alert your care team.

Anja Grommons

Anja Grommons


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