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People Are Ditching Traditional Chews for These Healthier, Plant-Based Dog Treats

Here’s why we’re treating our fur babies to this tasty plant-based jerky!


Photo courtesy of Petaluma

Here’s why we’re treating our fur babies to this tasty plant-based jerky!

Founded in 2019 by Garrett Wymore and Caroline Buck, Petaluma is a vegan dog food brand that uses eco-conscious ingredients and is passionate about advocating for a more just agricultural system. After spending the weekend with their dog Leo on a small hobby farm in Petaluma, California, Wymore and Buck were inspired to revisit their food choices, including what they were feeding Leo. The pair decided to start their own sustainable dog food company, specializing in vegan dog food and plant-based dog treats.

The brand’s Sweet Potato Jerky dog treats are made exclusively with sweet potatoes sourced from organic farms in North Carolina, and come wrapped in compostable packaging. The chews are designed to offer the same enjoyment as traditional meat-based dog treats, but with a better impact on animal lives and the environment.

While Sweet Potato Jerky has a positive impact on animals and the planet, it is also packed with nutrients such as beta-carotene and fiber, as well as essential minerals like potassium, calcium, and iron, making it a nutritionally dense snack option for our furry companions.

Why are people ditching traditional chews for these healthier, plant-based dog treats?

Why Plant-Based Dog Treats?

Feeding our pups vegan dog food is a no brainer, but why should we add plant-based dog treats to their diets? Along with being a tasty treat option, choosing a plant-based chew over their meat-based counterparts can significantly reduce your pooch’s carbon footprint. According to researchers, opting for a plant-based alternative reduces your dog’s diet-related greenhouse gas emissions by 75%, water use by 50%, and land use by 90%.

In addition, many of the traditional chews—such as pig ears or cow hooves—come from factory-farmed animals. When we opt for plant-based chews, we are taking a stand against factory farming, which in turn saves other animals’ lives.

Introducing Petaluma Sweet Potato Jerky for Dogs

Now that we know how plant-based dog treats can positively impact both animals’ lives and the environment, how do we know which ones to give to our pups? Introducing Petaluma’s Sweet Potato Jerky for dogs, a tasty, plant-based chew that can be used as a form of mental stimulation, a reward for good behavior, or as a nutritional boost for your pet. The jerky is made from single-ingredient organically grown sweet potatoes, and is free from all chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

In combination with being a clean ingredient snack, Petaluma’s Sweet Potato Jerky is also chock-full of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium, and iron, as well as beta-carotene and fiber, making it a great way to incorporate more nutrients into your dog’s diet.

Petaluma Is Improving the Planet, One Sweet Potato at a Time

It’s no surprise our dogs love to eat, but how much exactly are they consuming, and how does this affect the planet? According to industry data, one cup of animal-derived dry kibble is equal in calories to that of a six-inch sub sandwich, which takes three pounds of greenhouse gas, 80 square feet of farmland, and 47 gallons of fresh water to produce. Alternatively, using plant-derived ingredients—such as organic sweet potatoes—cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 90%, freshwater use by 99%, and reduces land use by 90%.

In addition to plant-based ingredients, Petaluma’s packaging is made from certified compostable materials, which will degrade within 6-12 months after use.

Petaluma aims to improve the planet—and the company is doing just that—one sweet potato at a time.

Where to Buy Petaluma

Petaluma’s Sweet Potato Jerky can be purchased online at FeedPetaluma.com. Be sure to use promo code VEGOUT20 to receive 20% off your first jerky order!

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