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Hard Rock Cafe, Ben’s Chili Bowl, and More Washington, DC Restaurants Celebrate Veganuary with Limited-Time Specials

The capital city is embracing Veganuary and encouraging people to try plant-based by offering specials all month long.

Washington, DC

The capital city is embracing Veganuary and encouraging people to try plant-based by offering specials all month long.

In the heart of the nation’s capital, the Veganuary movement has taken center stage, with restaurants embracing the global campaign that urges people to explore the world of veganism throughout January and beyond. From billboards near Dupont Circle to broadcast ads across the DC DMA, the city is abuzz with promotions and plant-based delights enticing locals to embark on a vegan journey for the benefit of health, animals, and the planet.

Veg Society of DC and DC Vegan Kick Off Veganuary 2024

On January 6, the Veg Society of DC and DC Vegan set the stage for Veganuary with a special event at the Botanical Bar. Guests reveled in the festivities, sipping on a special Veganuary mocktail and indulging in the unveiling of an innovative new vegan steak from Chunk Foods.

“The Veg Society of DC is thrilled to participate in the growing worldwide Veganuary movement which has inspired and supported millions of people to try vegan since 2014,” said Elissa Free, VP of Veg Society of DC.

A Growing Appetite for Plant-Based Fare

A recent YouGov study on behalf of Veganuary revealed that 71% of all US adults aspire to incorporate more vegetables into their diets in 2024. Responding to this demand, restaurants in Washington, DC are serving up a delectable array of inventive plant-based dishes.

Washington, DC Veganuary Specials

&Pizza introduces two tempting vegan pizzas featuring Daring Chicken, named “The Sheriff” and “Hot in Here.” Rush Bowls launches the Detox Bowl, a refreshing blend of fruits and oat milk. DC Vegan and Botanical Bar showcase a special Veganuary mocktail, “Green Queen.”

RASA invites diners to celebrate with the Vibes + Veggies Bowl, offering a 15% discount throughout January. Ben’s Chili Bowl unveils a limited-time Vegan Rice Chili Bowl with vegan cheese and sour cream. PLNT Burger delights with two new chik’n sandwiches featuring Meati Foods patties, along with salads available for $5 from January 8-14.

Hard Rock Cafe joins the festivities by launching a Veganuary menu, featuring Cauliflower Wings and Chili Sin Carne Tacos. Pow Pow offers a tempting 20% off all online orders during Veganuary.

Even the Martin Luther King Public Library embraces Veganuary, displaying a curated selection of vegan cookbooks for borrowing.

Celebrity Support and Guidance

Veganuary gains momentum each year with the support of celebrities, including this year’s addition, Washington Wizard Assistant Coach Joseph Blair, known as “The Vegan Coach.” Blair encourages everyone to take on the Veganuary challenge, emphasizing the positive impact of a plant-based lifestyle on both individual well-being and the environment.

“As a vegan of more than nine years, my mantra is simple, no one should have to die in order for me to live. By choosing to keep animals off our plates and embracing a plant-based lifestyle, we can create a more sustainable future for all living beings while reducing our ecological footprint. If you’re curious about what veganism is all about, sign up for the Veganuary challenge and join millions of people like myself who are making a positive impact.”

Veganuary Beyond the Plate

Veganuary not only provides tempting culinary options but also offers a wealth of resources for those curious about veganism. Free recipes, shopping tips, restaurant guides, and meal plans are readily available. National and regional brands, retailers, and restaurants have joined the movement, offering promotions, giveaways, and special menu items.

To learn more about Veganuary and to sign up now, visit Veganuary.com.

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