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10 Vegan Cookbooks by Black Authors

It’s time to get cooking with these Black-authored, plant-based cookbooks.

Charity Morgan
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It’s time to get cooking with these Black-authored, plant-based cookbooks.

Inspired by dishes from the Caribbean, West Africa, Puerto Rico, and the Southern United States, these vegan cookbooks are bursting with flavor and major recipe inspo! From Creole Krab Cakes and Peach Cobbler to Plantain Wellington and Fried Cauliflower Chicken, the creative vegan recipes are endless! For more crave-worthy dishes, check out these 10 vegan cookbooks by Black authors.

Unbelievably Vegan

By Charity Morgan

Featuring over 100 life-changing, plant-based recipes from celebrity chef and culinary game-changer Charity Morgan, Unbelievably Vegan deserves a spot in your kitchen! In tribute to her Creole and Puerto Rican heritage, Charity drew inspiration from the bold flavors of her childhood. Two of her favorite recipes include Creole Krab Cakes with Tarragon Remoulade and Beer Battered Fysh & Chips.

Vegan Soul Food Cookbook

By Nadira Jenkins-El

Nadira Jenkins-El’s Vegan Soul Food Cookbook joins the impressive lineup of vegan cookbooks by Black authors. Filled with no-fuss, Southern favorites like gumbo, biscuits & gravy, and Cajun fried “chicken,” this cookbook is packed with authentic flavors and modern twists. Try your hand at plant-based, Southern cooking with this drool-worthy recipe book.


By Bryant Terry

Afro-Vegan by Bryant Terry combines African, Caribbean, and Southern flavors to create over 100 crave-worthy recipes to be enjoyed by vegans and omnivores alike. The veganized, modern dishes include Crispy Teff and Grit Cakes, Creamy Coconut-Cashew Soup, and Cocoa Spice Cake. Bryant Terry is the author of several other books, including Black Food, Vegetable Kingdom, and The Inspired Vegan.

Rachel Ama’s Vegan Eats

By Rachel Ama

For everyday plant-based recipes, Rachel Ama’s Vegan Eats is the cookbook for you! Inspired by her Caribbean and West African roots, these simple recipes are packed with major flavor! Imagine creating Chickpea Sweet Potato Falafel, Caribbean Fritters, and Tabbouleh Salad on a weeknight with Rachel as your guide—you’ve got this! She also authored One Pot: Three Ways, a compilation of delicious one-pot recipes.

Sweet Potato Soul

By Jenné Claiborne

In search of plant-based soul food recipes? Be sure to check out Jenné Claiborne’s first cookbook, Sweet Potato Soul. Filled with over 100 delicious recipes, this cookbook will add soul to your typical recipe repertoire. Claiborne’s cookbook includes dishes from Coconut Collard Salad and Fried Cauliflower Chicken to Peach Date BBQ Jackfruit Sliders and Sweet Potato Tahini Cookies.

Easy Vegan Soul Cookbook

By Nicole Asali

Plant-based comfort food recipes coming right up! Chef Nicole Asali is bringing Baked Vegan Mac and Cheese, Fried Oyster Mushroom Wings, and Peach Cobbler to your plant-based kitchen with her crave-worthy book, Easy Vegan Soul Cookbook. With over a decade in the professional culinary arts industry, Asali knows good plant-based food and this vegan cookbook is a must-buy!

The Lusty Vegan

By Ayinde Howell and Zoe Eisenberg

The Lusty Vegan is a unique cookbook and advice guide for vegans dating non-vegans—what a concept! Co-authored by Chef Ayinde Howell, creator of VegOut favorite Mac & Yease, along with Zoe Eisenberg, writer, producer, and director, The Lusty Vegan features recipes like Heart of Palm Lobster Rolls, Habanero Portobello Fajitas, and Classic Cloud-Nine Pancakes. We’re totally drooling.

A Southern Girl’s Guide to Plant-Based Eating

By Cametria Hill

Cametria Hill is bringing the Southern flavor with irresistible vegan recipes like the Mickey D’s Style Tempeh Sausage Biscuit Sandwich with Plum Jam, Louisiana-Style Cornmeal-Encrusted Tofu Fish Fry, and Banana Nut Hush Puppies. A Southern Girl’s Guide to Plant-Based Eating is one of our favorite vegan cookbooks! You won’t want to miss it.

Caribbean Vegan

By Taymer Mason

Featuring meat-free, egg-free, and dairy-free authentic island cuisine for every occasion, Caribbean Vegan combines African, French, Asian, and Spanish influences with local flavors of Barbados, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica. Taymer Mason’s plant-based cookbook is packed with recipes like Plantain Wellington, Cassava Pancakes, and Jerk Sausages. Spice up your home cooking with Caribbean Vegan recipes!

Black Girl Baking

By Jerrelle Guy

Love to DIY your own bread and whip up new desserts on the weekend? Black Girl Baking is for you! While not every recipe is fully vegan, author Jerrelle Guy has incorporated plant-based alternatives to veganize her baked good recipes—think Blueberry Drop Biscuits, Tofu Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Charcoal Banana Bread! Life is sweet with this cookbook!

Anja Grommons

Anja Grommons


During her studies to become a registered dietitian, Anja—a longtime vegetarian—transitioned to a vegan diet. Living in Kalamazoo, Michigan at the time (Go Broncos!), she met Maggie and Tammie through VegOut Kalamazoo (one of VegOut’s first focus cities) and began collaborating with the duo. When she’s not writing about new vegan eats, practicing as a pediatric clinical dietitian, and virtually coaching fellow plant-based eaters, you can find her creating veg-centric recipes, trying new cruelty-free products, and spending time with her partner Addison and cat Kovu.

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