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Rick Ross to Headline Vegandale Chicago

 Vegandale Chicago will take place on June 10 at Grant Park!

People attending Vegandale in crowd

Courtesy of Vegandale

 Vegandale Chicago will take place on June 10 at Grant Park!

Vegandale, North America’s largest vegan experience, is taking it up a notch this year by bringing in Grammy-nominated rapper Rick Ross to headline their Chicago event on June 10. With over 120 vendors from around the world and free samples from sponsors, Vegandale is set to offer attendees the experience of a lifetime.

Rick Ross Takes the Stage at Chicago’s Grant Park

Grammy-nominated rapper Rick Ross will be headlining Vegandale’s Chicago event on June 10 at Grant Park. The artist, known for hits like “Hustlin'” and “All I Do Is Win” is sure to bring an electrifying performance to the stage! Enjoy delicious vegan fare, including nachos, wings, hot dogs, and juices from one of the more than 120 vegan vendors, while rocking to tunes by the star himself. Vegandale is set to take place on Saturday, June 10 from 11am to 8pm at Grant Park, Butler Field, rain or shine.

Rick Ross rapping on stage

Rick Ross Photo by richforever on Instagram

Vegandale Is Broadening the Reach of Veganism

Vegandale’s goal is to combine ethical veganism with pop culture, and bringing on entertainers like Rick Ross will help broaden their audience and get them closer to their mission of “world vegan domination.” From interactive art installations to newly launched vegan products, Vegandale is set to offer attendees a unique experience that marries veganism with entertainment! At this event, you can expect the best in vegan comfort food, craft brews, wine, and spirits.

Person holding vegan hot dogs from Vegandale

Courtesy of Vegandale

Vegandale Hosts Festivals Nationwide

Vegandale, North America’s largest vegan experience, will also host events in Dallas (October 14), Miami (December 2), Los Angeles (October 28), New York (September 16), and Toronto (TBD). Each event will include live entertainment, free samples, and art for all to enjoy. At Vegandale, festival-goers are envisioned as “citizens” who realize the importance of veganism and manifest a world without animal exploitation. At Vegandale, veganism isn’t the future, it’s now!

Purchase tickets at Vegandale.com and follow @vegandale on Instagram for upcoming announcements!

Allison van Tilborgh

Allison van Tilborgh

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