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Michelin Star Pastry Chef Opens Vegan Ice Cream Shop in Northern Virginia

Indulge in flavors such as Tahini Caramel, Banana Nut Brulée, and more.

Creme de la Crop

Crème de la Crop Ice Cream Pint Photo by Albert Ting

Indulge in flavors such as Tahini Caramel, Banana Nut Brulée, and more.

Get ready to indulge in a luxurious vegan ice cream experience like never before! Crème de la Crop, the latest sensation in the world of plant-based desserts, is making waves as they open their doors in Herndon, Virginia. The grand opening is set for Saturday, September 9 at noon. Nestled in the heart of the Herndon Business Park, this vegan ice cream parlor is all set to redefine frozen delights. Initially open on select Saturdays, Crème de la Crop plans to extend its hours in the fall. So, what’s the scoop? Prepare to relish pints, half pints, tantalizing ice cream sandwiches, and a tempting array of scooped flavors to satisfy your dessert cravings. And here’s the cherry on top—every item on the menu is dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and of course, 100% vegan.

Ice Cream Sammies

Ice Cream Sandwiches Photo Courtesy of Crème de la Crop

Crafting Delightful Flavors for All Palates

Chef and owner Olivia Green shared, “Why should people without dietary restrictions have all the fun? We all deserve delicious, thoughtful, and chef-quality flavors—especially when it comes to dessert. That’s why I took my experience as a pastry chef and funneled it (no pun intended) into creating ice cream crafted for vegans and people with allergies that tastes like it’s meant for everyone—because it is.”

With a commitment to quality and taste, Crème de la Crop meticulously crafts its offerings in small, artisanal batches. Brace yourself for an enticing medley of seasonal flavors such as Tahini Caramel, Grasshopper, Banana Nut Brulée, and Coconut Key Lime, with the menu set to evolve with the changing seasons. Keep an eye out for exclusive flavors, new additions, and exciting events as the holiday season approaches. To ensure you never miss out on your favorite flavors, they even offer pre-orders for their pints and ice cream sandwiches.

Banana Nut Brulée

Banana Nut Brulée Ice Cream Photo Courtesy of Crème de la Crop

Chef and Owner Olivia Green

The vegan ice cream parlor is the brainchild of Olivia Green, a former Michelin star pastry chef renowned for her exceptional creations. Olivia’s culinary expertise has graced the pages of prestigious publications like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Michelin Guide. After honing her skills in renowned D.C. establishments like Kinship, Métier, and Rooster & Owl, Olivia embarked on a journey to create gourmet desserts that cater to all, especially those with dietary restrictions. And thus, Crème de la Crop was born. From a debut at her first pop-up in April 2022 to her present-day brick-and-mortar, Olivia’s vision has taken root and flourished.

Chef and Owner Olivia Green

Chef and Owner Olivia Green Photo by Albert Ting

Visit TheCremeDeLaCrop.com for a glimpse of their seasonal menu and more details.

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