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Tabitha Brown’s Haircare Line Launches at Target

Donna’s Recipe lands at Target and Target.com on Sunday, July 9.


Courtesy of Donna's Recipe

Donna’s Recipe lands at Target and Target.com on Sunday, July 9.

Tabitha Brown, the beloved media personality, entrepreneur, and VegOut Magazine cover star, is taking her partnership with Target to the next level. Following the success of the Tabitha Brown x Target Collection, Brown is now launching her very own vegan haircare brand, Donna’s Recipe especially for Target, which will be available at select Target stores and on Target.com starting this Sunday, July 9.

Donna’s Recipe Sweet Potato Pie Collection and Strength Hair Oil

Donna’s Recipe introduces to Target customers its Sweet Potato Pie Collection, a comprehensive home haircare routine that includes Extra Creamy Moisturizing Shampoo, Extra Creamy Moisturizing Conditioner, Extra Creamy Leave-In, Extra Creamy Hair Cream, and Extra Creamy Hair and Scalp Oil. Each product in this collection is crafted with a unique blend of natural, growth-promoting, and strengthening ingredients such as sweet potato extract, cinnamon, warm vanilla, shea butter, oat milk, and coconut oil.

One of Donna’s Recipe’s bestselling products, the Strength Hair Oil, will also be available at select Target locations as part of the launch. This hair oil has garnered a loyal following since the brand’s inception and continues to impress with its nourishing properties.

Donna's Recipe vegan haircare products

Sweet Potato Pie Collection Courtesy of Donna’s Recipe

Affordable Vegan Haircare at Target

Tabitha Brown reveals that the inspiration behind Donna’s Recipe was to share the techniques and ingredients she personally used during her own haircare journey. Her goal was to create an inclusive and accessible brand that would resonate with her followers and be easily available to them. “Having Donna’s Recipe just a Target run away is the ultimate in accessibility,” said Brown. She emphasizes that while the brand prioritizes using high-quality ingredients, they have managed to keep the Sweet Potato Pie line competitively priced at $15.99, with the Strength Hair Oil priced at $24.99.

Founders Tabitha Brown and Gina Woods

So what sets Donna’s Recipe apart from other haircare brands? According to Brown, “Donna’s Recipe is a feel-good experience for your hair, [with] delicious scents, beautiful textures, and a difference you can see and feel. It brings joy to your routine and is the sweetest treat for your hair and your spirit.” In 2020, Brown co-founded Donna’s Recipe with social entrepreneur Gina Woods, and together they have created a brand that customers have truly connected with.

Woods believes that Target is the perfect partner to bring Donna’s Recipe to customers who not only appreciate the products but also align with the brand’s mission. “It was really important for us, as two women of color, to self-fund and fully own the creation of Donna’s Recipe. Target has always been supportive of Black-owned businesses and understands the value of grass-roots entrepreneurship. The level of control we have in the creation and distribution of our brand has allowed us to make products our customers have really responded to. Having partners such as Target gives us the opportunity for us to distribute them without compromise. We couldn’t be more excited to be on their shelves.” said Woods.

Founders Tabitha Brown and Gina Woods in kitchen with haircare

Founders Gina Woods and Tabitha Brown Courtesy of Donna’s Recipe

Head to select Target stores or visit Target.com starting July 9 to discover the nourishing and delightful haircare experience that Donna’s Recipe has to offer.

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