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RAKKAN Ramen Launches Three New Vegan Menu Items

The Creamy Truffle Vegan Ramen has your name on it.

RAKKAN Truffle Ramen in bowl

Courtesy of RAKKAN Ramen

The Creamy Truffle Vegan Ramen has your name on it.

Slurp up, ramen lovers—RAKKAN Ramen is bringing new vegan dishes to its menu, including a limited special truffle ramen and two new non-ramen dishes. These additions will be available nationwide beginning April 1!

RAKKAN Ramen’s New Vegan Truffle Ramen

RAKKAN Ramen welcomes three new vegan offerings to their 10 nationwide locations. Enjoy their limited special, Creamy Truffle Vegan Ramen, made with vegetable broth, a creamy sauce, and black truffle oil. Their noodles boast whole wheat and join toppings like garlic sautéed mushrooms and fried broccolini, making for a luxurious, earthy dish.

RAKKAN Truffle Ramen in a bowl

Courtesy of RAKKAN Ramen

RAKKAN Ramen’s Other New Vegan Dishes

Their other two new menu items include Steamed Vegan Gyoza and Bean Sprouts Salad.
Bite into Steamed Vegan Gyoza, a delicious appetizer of vegetable dumplings topped with RAKKAN’s original Spicy Miso Dressing, along with green onions and fried onions for extra texture. Or opt for the new Bean Sprouts Salad, which offers a light and refreshing option with pickled bean sprouts and cabbage.

RAKKAN Ramen food on plate

Courtesy of RAKKAN Ramen

Additional Vegan Options at RAKKAN Ramen

RAKKAN Ramen is no stranger to vegan options. They pride themselves on using 100% plant-based broth in all of their dishes and maintain several vegan meals on their comprehensive menu. Patrons have long enjoyed their Spicy Garnet Vegan Ramen bowl with miso sauce featuring vegetable broth, sesame paste, shiitake mushrooms, black pepper, green onion, corn, tofu, and garlic served with whole wheat RAKKAN noodles. Other vegan menu items include stuffed bao buns, sushi, tofu bowls, and even kids’ meals.

The new ramen and two other dishes have appeared on menus in Los Angeles since December 2022 and will now be available nationwide. RAKKAN Ramen currently operates 10 locations in the US and has more in development. Don’t miss out on trying their newest limited special and menu additions for a tasty and healthy meal!

Find a location near you at RakkanRamen.com/locations.

Allison van Tilborgh

Allison van Tilborgh

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