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Montclair, New Jersey Encourages Plant-Based Eating This March

Cory Booker is among the initiative’s supporters.

Township of Montclair

Courtesy of Township of Montclair

Cory Booker is among the initiative’s supporters.

Attention all New Jersey foodies! This month, the Montclair Township Department of Sustainability has teamed up with Humane Montclair and Planted Society to promote an initiative that highlights the connection between food and climate change. Dubbed “Plant-Based for the Planet,” the challenge encourages diners to choose plant-based options when dining out in order to decrease their carbon footprint. To support this initiative, 12 Montclair restaurants have created new plant-based dishes and brought awareness to their existing climate-friendly menu options.

Plant-Based for the Planet Initiative

The challenge runs throughout March, giving customers ample time to explore the new plant-based dining options available in Montclair. For instance, dig into the vegan Ethiopian dish Ingudai Tibs at Mesob Restaurant, made with fresh Portobello mushrooms marinated and sautéed with onions, garlic, tomatoes, herbs, and spices. Or visit Coffee & Cornbread to try their Vegan Pancake Double Stack made with rice milk.

Other participating restaurants include Tino’s Artisan Pizza Co., World Flats, Laboratorio Kitchen, Egan & Sons, Basil Indian & Thai Grill, Le Salbuen Cafe, Mercado, Marcel Bakery & Kitchen, and Faubourg.

Between the 12 partner restaurants listed, there is something for everyone. Each Montclair restaurant is competing for votes from diners, who will choose their favorite plant-based options at the end of the challenge. Diners who vote will be entered to win eco-friendly prizes from participating sponsors.

Local Support for the Climate Initiative

The nonprofit partners of this initiative have chosen to work only with local establishments, allowing customers to support small businesses while helping the environment at the same time. Among the supporters are US Senator Cory Booker, Farm Sanctuary founder Gene Baur, Montclair mayor Sean Spiller, and many others.

If you’re a New Jersey resident, this is your chance to make dining choices that align with compassionate values, support small businesses, and help the planet. Head over to Montclair and try out the new plant-based dishes.

Learn more about Plant-Based for the Planet at PlantedSociety.org/PlantBasedforthePlanet.

Allison van Tilborgh

Allison van Tilborgh

Allison is a digital media consultant, writer, and aspiring vegan-feminist scholar living in the Orlando, Florida area. She’s the founder of The Sanford Vegan, a vegan media brand, through which she connected with VegOut. As an early reader of VegOut Magazine, she dreamed of one day putting her own writing on the national stage (spoiler alert: that dream came true!). Allison loves experimenting with plant-based cooking and reading up on the latest trends in veganism and animal rights scholarship.

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