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Actress Kate Nash on Starring in a Vegan Feature Film

Hear what Kate Nash had to say about filming the vegan feature Coffee Wars.

Kate Nash making coffee

Kate Nash Photo courtesy of Coffee Wars

Hear what Kate Nash had to say about filming the vegan feature Coffee Wars.

If you’re like us, you love keeping updated on vegan celebs and pop culture. So you may already know that the new vegan comedy feature film Coffee Wars comes out this Tuesday, March 21. The plot follows Jo, a vegan coffee shop owner and barista who navigates running her business in a dairy-dominated industry. The very successful vegan singer-songwriter and actress Kate Nash portrays Jo. We spoke with her about her plant-based lifestyle and experience on the set of Coffee Wars. Here’s what she had to say.

Kate Nash with co-stars

Kate Nash with co-stars Photo courtesy of Coffee Wars

VegOut (VO): You’ve been vegan since 2017, right? How has your plant-based lifestyle changed over the years?

Kate Nash (KN): At first, I was really scared to go vegan. I thought it would be so difficult to give up cheese, and I was worried about chocolate. But I soon found out that most of the chocolate I like the best is already vegan. I make so much more of an effort to cook new recipes, diversify my diet, and look for healthy places to eat when I’m on tour than I used to.

VO: Congrats on your upcoming film, Coffee Wars! What was it like working on an all-vegan, mission-driven movie?

KN: It was an amazing experience! The cast was incredible, we got to spend a summer in Serbia shooting and drinking a ton of coffee. We had a lot of laughs together.

VO: You play Jo, a vegan coffee shop owner. What do you have in common with your character? And what is your go-to coffee drink?

KN: I actually do have a lot in common with her. I speak before I think sometimes. I’m very much a feelings-first kind of person, and that can get you in trouble. I read the script and immediately thought, “This is me!” I love an oat flat white.

Kate Nash putting on helmet

Kate Nash Photo courtesy of Coffee Wars

VO: The film addresses topics like veganism, capitalism, and female entrepreneurship. Why do you think these messages are so important right now?

KN: I think we need to make lifestyle changes if we want to keep surviving as a species! I love that the film addresses these things in a comedic way, as I think that can really make an impact on people without making them feel bad.

VO: What do you hope to see achieved through Coffee Wars?

KN: I’d love people to laugh, and then when they eat their next meal, think about what it is they’re consuming and supporting.

VO: Do you have any words of wisdom for fellow vegan women pursuing careers in the entertainment industry?

KN: My words of wisdom would be … be yourself, trust your gut, know that you’ll make mistakes but have boundaries in place where you can. And find the fun in your work—protect your relationship with the fun.

VO: Could you name three women who inspire you on the reg?

KN: My mum, Joy Crookes, Rebekka Johnson.

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