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Add This All-Vegan Parisian Donut Shop to Your Travel Bucket List

Boneshaker Donuts offers artisan vegan donuts, cinnamon rolls, and other viennoiseries in the heart of Paris!

Boneshaker vegan donuts
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Courtesy of Boneshaker Donuts

Boneshaker Donuts offers artisan vegan donuts, cinnamon rolls, and other viennoiseries in the heart of Paris!

Boneshaker Donuts in Paris offers a French vegan twist on an American classic. You’ll want to add this all-vegan Parisian donut shop to your travel bucket list—and in the meantime, you can order Boneshaker Donuts’ new vegan cookbook.

Vegan Donuts in Paris

US native and Cordon Bleu Paris alumna Amanda Bankert founded Boneshaker Donuts in 2015. The business started very small, using a home fryer purchased for 10 euros in a yard sale, Bankert made artisanal vegan donuts which she sold wholesale to local coffee shops. And within a year, the Boneshaker Donuts brick-and-mortar opened to the public, offering arguably the best vegan donuts in Paris.

Led by a team of passionate and talented pastry chefs, Boneshaker Donuts embraces a philosophy that combines traditional techniques with contemporary flavors and local, sustainable ingredients. The team handcrafts each donut with care, ensuring a perfect balance of texture, taste, and aesthetics.

Boneshaker Donuts Founder in restaurant

Boneshaker Donuts Founder Amanda Bankert Courtesy of Boneshaker Donuts

Boneshaker Donuts’ Unique Artisanal Vegan Donut Flavors

One of Boneshaker Donuts’ largest customer magnets is their rotating menu of unique artisanal vegan donut flavors made from scratch daily. Of course, you can always order classics like glazed, vanilla, and cinnamon sugar varieties. But the vegan French bakery excels in their innovative flavor offerings like Chai Masala, Cherry Pie, and Speculoos. Boneshaker also offers vegan cinnamon rolls, brownies, macarons, profiteroles, and other viennoiseries.

Beyond the exquisite flavors, Boneshaker Donuts does a wonderful job with the presentation of their treats. Each pastry is a work of art, decorated with vibrant colors, delicate glazes, and artful toppings. From elegant floral designs to playful patterns, their baked and fried goods are photogenic to boot!

Person holding pastry from Boneshaker Donuts

Cherry Pie Donut Courtesy of Boneshaker Donuts

Voila Vegan Cookbook

For those unable to visit Boneshaker Paris, or those who want to recreate the amazing pastries at home, the donut shop will launch a vegan cookbook this August! Voila Vegan by Amanda Bankert features a variety of recipes from the bakery, like Boneshaker Cinnamon Rolls and Beach Haven Donuts. The cookbook also includes recipes for sweets like Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Creme Brulee, and Banana Tarte Tatin Toast. Lastly, in Voila Vegan, Bankert lets readers in on the ins and outs of vegan baking, how she won over Parisians with her vegan pastries, and what other vegan restaurants and bakeries are worth trying in Paris.

Person holding Voila Vegan cookbook

Courtesy of Boneshaker Donuts

The Voila Vegan cookbook debuts on August 22. Pre-orders are available now on Amazon. For more information, visit BoneshakerParis.com.

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