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15 LGBTQ-Owned Vegan Food and Drink Brands to Support

Restock your pantry while simultaneously supporting LGBTQ-owned businesses.

So Gay Rosè with fruits
Food & Drink

Courtesy of So Gay Rosè

Restock your pantry while simultaneously supporting LGBTQ-owned businesses.

Aside from attending rallies and donating to Queer-owned organizations, another great way to be an ally for the LGBTQ+ community is with your shopping habits! So we’ve created a list of 15 LGBTQ-owned vegan food and drink brands to support this Pride Month and beyond.

Lagusta’s Luscious

It’s always good to have something sweet on hand, and Lagusta’s Luscious artisanal, small-batch vegan chocolates reign supreme. So scroll through their variety of chocolate bars, barks, bonbons, and caramels, and get ready for pure bliss!

Box of chocolates from Lagusta's Luscious

Courtesy of Lagusta’s Luscious

Equator Coffees

This LGBTQ-owned coffee brand stocks a variety of beans and grounds for brewing! For each product purchased from their limited-edition Pride Collection, Equator Coffees will donate to organizations that support the LGBTQ+ community, like the LGBT Asylum Project, LA LGBT Center, and LYRIC Center for LGBTQ+ Youth.

Equator Coffees package of coffee

Courtesy of Equator Coffees

Vegan Sunday Supper

Vegan Sunday Supper’s heat-and-eat vegan meals make family dinners simple! Chef Celestino Drago uses organic ingredients from local farms in California to make their hearty plant-based lasagna, ravioli, and manicotti. So, can you tell why we’re obsessed?

Vegan Sunday Supper spread on table

Courtesy of Vegan Sunday Supper

Maxine’s Heavenly

Want the taste of homemade cookies without the effort? Buy a few boxes of Maxine’s Heavenly naturally sweetened vegan cookies! Whether you’re team crunchy or chewy, this brand stocks both types of cookies. All of the Maxine’s Heavenly executives belong to the LGBTQ community. The CEO also mentors a handful of other LGBTQ-owned businesses.

Maxine's Heavenly on table with box

Courtesy of Maxine’s Heavenly

Nostalgia Coffee Roasters

These bags of coffee are sourced ethically, grown organically, and roasted to perfection! From first-time coffee drinkers to veterans with a sophisticated palette, there’s a blend for everyone. This month, try Nostalgia Coffee Roasters’ Pride-themed Memory Lane blend.

Nostalgia Coffee Roasters package of coffee

Courtesy of Nostalgia Coffee Roasters

City Saucery

This LGBTQ-owned business has got the sauce—for pasta, that is! Whether you’re in the mood for a classic tomato sauce, vegan vodka sauce, or spicy Calabrian, City Saucery has it all. Try their Pride Month special—the Strawberry Marinara, a one-of-a-kind sauce made of strawberries, chilis, and tomatoes.

City Saucery sauce on table

Courtesy of City Saucery

So Gay Rosé

Did someone say vegan rosé? We did! Featuring adorable recyclable packaging and a light crisp taste, So Gay Rosé is our summer must-have! Each can contains 100 calories, 0g of sugar, and an immeasurable amount of good vibes.

So Gay Rosè cans with drink and fruit

Courtesy of So Gay Rosè

Explorer Cold Brew

This summer, ditch hot coffee and join team cold brew! We love Explorer Cold Brew’s concentrated cold brew because it’s organic and fair-trade. Customers can choose from four different caffeine strength levels from 99.9% Caffeine-Free to Extra Caffeine. In honor of Pride Month, the Queer-owned brand is donating a portion of each order this month to The Trevor Project.

Explorer Cold Brew with coffee and rainbow

Courtesy of Explorer Cold Brew

NONA Vegan

Upgrade your pasta with NONA Vegan! Founder Kailey Gilchrist has veganized her late Italian mother’s recipes to share with the world. The sauces are packed with nutrients, delicious to taste, and oh-so-creamy. So, what are you trying first—Alfredo, Bolognese, Carbonara, Cheesy, or Rosée?

NONA Vegan on table with plates of food

Courtesy of NONA Vegan

Yeah Dawg

Grab a few packs of Yeah Dawg’s vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free hot dogs for your next cookout! These plant-based links cook, taste, and feel just like traditional hot dogs. And the best part is, there are no weird ingredients. You’ll also be supporting an LGBTQ-owned business with your purchase!

Yeah Dawg vegan hot dogs in tray

Courtesy of Yeah Dawg


Load up your vegan charcuterie board with RIND! This LGBTQ-owned business crafts exquisite aged vegan cheese wheels and spreads. Horseradish, Bleu, Paprika, Cambleu, Herbs de Provence—there are so many flavors to choose from!

RIND with other vegan snacks

Courtesy of RIND

Sauce and Destroy

Dress your plate of spaghetti in Sauce and Destroy’s classic marinara sauce! Each jar is made from simple ingredients that are 100% vegan and gluten-free. And there are no added sugars or preservatives—just tomatoes and spices.

Sauce and Destroy container

Courtesy of Sauce and Destroy

GT’s Living Foods

GT’s CEO and founder GT Dave wrote online, “Being a gay teenager in the ‘90s was not easy. I was picked on, called names, and treated like an outcast. I suffered from extreme depression and eventually dropped out of high school. Luckily, I found solace in making kombucha, giving me a sense of purpose and helping me carve out my own destiny.” This month, GT’s will donate a portion of sales from their SYNERGY Trilogy kombucha to the It Gets Better Project, a program Dave wished was around in his teenage years.

GT's in pack

Courtesy of GT’s


Are you looking for vitamin and electrolyte water without any added sugars or artificial ingredients? LGTBQ-owned ShineWater is the brand for you! Their physician-developed beverages come in the vibrant flavors of Fruit Punch, Watermelon Blackberry, Kiwi Cucumber, and more.

ShineWater with kiwi and cucumber

Courtesy of ShineWater

Tattooed Chef


Sarah Galletti founded Tattooed Chef to bring health-forward renditions of dishes inspired by her Italian roots and LA lifestyle. The Killer Bee Plant Based Pizza, Plant Based Cheese Enchiladas, and Organic Açai Bowl are VegOut faves.

People sitting around table with Tattooed Chef pizza

Courtesy of Tattooed Chef

Allie Mitchell

Allie Mitchell


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