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8 Latine-Owned Vegan Restaurants and Pop-Ups in Orlando, Florida

From Stuffed Mofongo Bowls to “Guava Lava” Cookies, you won’t want to miss out on these dishes.

Jacked Up Vegan burgers with fries
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Courtesy of Jacked Up Vegan

From Stuffed Mofongo Bowls to “Guava Lava” Cookies, you won’t want to miss out on these dishes.

From Puerto Rico to Colombia to Peru and Guatemala, Latine-owned businesses are the backbone of Orlando’s culture and economy. The vegan scene is no different. Innovative dishes such as Moringa Mint Bars and raw sunflower meat tacos grace the menus of these all-vegan vendors across The City Beautiful.

Earthy Picks


Raw sunflower meat tacos, anyone? In August, this health-conscious, Colombian-owned, woman-owned vegan pop-up opened its flagship brick-and-mortar in Downtown Orlando! From their wholesome takes on Latin classics like loaded Toasted Tostades, Lentil Empanadas, and sweet-and-savory New Age Burritos, you are sure to feel as good as their food looks!

Earthy Picks vegan meals

Courtesy of Earthy Picks

Earthy Kitchen

East Orlando

No, you’re not dreaming! Plant-based Pernil, Churrasco, and Tripleta are mainstays at this East Orlando Puerto Rican vegan restaurant. Feast on comforting Pigeon Pea Soup, warm Jackpot Mofongo, and layered Pastelon (ripe plantain lasagna) straight from the oven! Finish it off with Coconut Flan and Guava Quesitos.

Vegan meal from Earthy Kitchen

Courtesy of Earthy Kitchen

The Kind Cleaver

Milk District

This new-to-2023 brick-and-mortar vegan deli is owned by Justin Rodriquez, a Puerto Rican-Jewish-Egyptian sandwich maker, much beloved in the Orlando community. Sink your teeth into their famous Calle Ocho, a plant-based take on the classic Cuban, dressed in housemade vegan country ham, mojo pork, cheese, mustard, and pickles on a pressed Cuban roll.

The Kind Cleaver sandwich

Courtesy of The Kind Cleaver

Vegan Scoops Orlando

Milk District

I scream, you scream! Be sure to check out Orlando’s only vegan ice cream shop, with their signature Cuban Cafecito plant-based scoops. Smother your sundae in any of your favorite 30 toppings: chocolate chips, Biscoff, cereal, and even spices like cinnamon! Vegan Scoops Orlando is a cruelty-free love letter to the owner’s Cuban roots and to the next generation that will inherit our planet. Using sustainable packaging and materials, including bamboo fiber bowls, cups, and spoons that are 100% compostable and biodegradable, Vegan Scoops is one of the most sustainable establishments in the city.

Vegan ice cream from Vegan Scoops Orlando

Courtesy of Vegan Scoops Orlando

Buku Vegan


Transport yourself to Port-au-Prince with vegan Haitian pop-up Buku Vegan. Whipping up innovative cruelty-free twists on classic Haitian fare, Chef Jenny knows a thing or two about Jackfruit “Griot” (pork), Djon Djon Rice and Beans, and Fysh Pâté. Finish off your journey to the Caribbean with a sweet Pineapple Right Side Up Cake or one of her wildly popular cake-in-a-jars (our favorite is the Carrot Cake!).

Buku Vegan meal

Courtesy of Buku Vegan

Jacked Up Vegan

Winter Park

Head to Dominican-owned, island-infused vegan burger joint Jacked Up Vegan, home of the critically acclaimed Island Boy handheld. This bad boy comes with a double patty, layered with cheese, sauteed onions, burger sauce, sweet plantains, potato sticks, lettuce, tomato, and a generous lathering of cilantro crema. Neighbors with Pizza Nova in the Winter Park Collective, the shared space is a must-visit vegan destination for anyone in North Orlando!

Jacked Up Vegan burgers with fries

Courtesy of Jacked Up Vegan

House of Mofos


You’ve heard of a bread bowl … but have you heard of a Mofongo Bowl? Latina-created and family-operated Puerto Rican pop-up House of Mofos has been a mainstay of Orlando vegan catering and food since 2020. Live the island life with tostones loaded with pineapple, mango, jalapeño, cilantro, and mango habanero hot sauce for that sweet, spicy, savory taste you’ve been searching for! Or enjoy plant-based “churrasco” steak topped with homemade chimichurri in a hand-crafted mofongo bowl. House of Mofos also has a sister brand, Sweet Mofos, which specializes in plant-based takes on Latin classics including Tres Leches Cakes and “Guava Lava” Cookies.

House of Mofos vegan nachos

Courtesy of House of Mofos

Cocina Tume


Tropical Cheezecake, Maca Bars, and Moringa Mint Bars. These are just a handful of the small-batch, locally sourced Peruvian and Guatemalan fusion foods you can count on at woman-owned pop-up Cocina Tume. From savory dishes such as their Lomo Tacos (ají huacatay crema, portobello mushroom “steak,” stir-fried onions on freshly pressed tortillas) to Esquites (roasted corn and tossed with housemade crema, lime juice, housemade avocado mayo, and chilli powder), Cocina Tume is sure to wow with their stunning plating and Instagram-worthy meals.

Cocina Tume vegan dish

Courtesy of Cocina Tume

Allison van Tilborgh

Allison van Tilborgh

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