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This Arts District Restaurant Offers Vegan Food, Tattoos, Haircuts, and an Exclusive Motorcycle Club

Bike Shed Moto Co. is a common ground for foodies and bikers alike!

Bike Shed Moto Co.
Food & Drink
Los Angeles

Bike Shed Moto Co.

Bike Shed Moto Co. is a common ground for foodies and bikers alike!

Are you looking to meet up with friends but don’t know where to go? Bike Shed Moto Co. is the ultimate hangout destination. This Arts District restaurant and bar offers vegan food, tattoos, haircuts, and an exclusive motorcycle club.

Bike Shed Moto Co. in London

Anthony “Dutch” van Someren started Bike Shed Moto Co. as a motorcycle blog in 2011. The blog quickly gained traction and, in 2013, Dutch and his wife Vikki launched in-person meetups. These events expanded rapidly, turning into Bike Shed Shows with full-on motorcycle displays, live music, tattoo artists, and more.

In 2015, Dutch and Vikki opened their first brick-and-mortar—Bike Shed Moto Co. in London. The location is much more than just a meeting place for bikers. It’s a destination for bikers and non-bikers to eat, drink, chat, play games, get haircuts, buy new gear, and gawk at sick motorcycles and local art.

Just like the blog and events, Bike Shed Moto Co.’s flagship location took off! And in 2022, the business made its US debut.

Bike Shed Moto Co.

Inside Bike Shed Moto Co. Los Angeles Bike Shed Moto Co.

The Vegan Menu at Bike Shed Moto Co.

Bike Shed Moto Co. opened its doors in LA’s Art District last spring. And it’s not your typical quant hipster Los Angeles restaurant by any means! For starters, it’s a 325-seat cafe, bar, and restaurant open for everything from breakfast and lunch to dinner and late-night drinks.

While not completely vegan, there is a separate vegan menu at Bike Shed Moto Co. And the plant-based options are epic! In fact, Dutch and Vikki are both vegan. So they know what it takes to please plant-based foodies.

“Our mission is to serve amazing, high-quality, freshly cooked vegan food, with a dedicated vegan-only menu, served alongside our regular omnivore fare. So we can create a space for vegans to enjoy the company of their non-vegan friends, without having to opt for pasta dishes or a single option in each course. This brings more people to the vegan table, showcases great vegan food to non-vegans, and might inspire a healthier, more plant-based diet for all. And we love that this is not a forward-facing thing as a business. [We’re] better known for being the home of moto culture, for people who love motorcycles, and the people who love people who love motorcycles—or just good food and eye-candy,” shared Dutch.

On the vegan breakfast menu, you’ll find a Breakfast Burrito, Huevos Rancheros, French Toast, and more. For lunch and dinner, choose from a variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts! A few VegOut favorites include the Crispy Brussels Sprouts, Mushroom Asparagus Risotto, Truffle Burger, and Vegan Apple Crumble.

To pay homage to their UK roots, Bike Shed Moto Co. recently launched their famous British Sunday Roast in LA! The vegan option contains a nut roast, roasted potatoes, parsnips & carrots, Brussels sprouts, peas, and Yorkshire pudding.

Vegan Roast

Vegan Roast Bike Shed Moto Co.

Barbershop, Tattoo Studio, and Retail Store

Eating and drinking aren’t the only activities you can partake in at Bike Shed Moto Co. The huge 30,000 square foot building also hosts a barbershop, tattoo studio, and retail store.

The barbershop, named Parts & Labor, is home to three professional barbers. Their offerings include shaves, beard trims, haircuts, and styling. So if you need a shape up, book an appointment online! Best of all, each barbershop customer receives a free drink—alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

Looking to get some new ink? Pop by Bike Shed Moto Co.’s tattoo studio, Paintshop LA. You have a few routes to go about getting your new tat. First, stop by or email for a consultation. From there, the team will pair you up with the best artist based on your desired design. You can also request a specific artist. But if you’re feeling more spontaneous, you can get a tattoo on a walk-in basis. Just call or walk in from midday until the early evening, and they will squeeze you in if there’s availability.

Now that you’ve gotten a haircut and tattoo, complete your look with a sick new outfit from Bike Shed Moto Co.’s retail shop! Browse through a wide variety of trendy Bike Shed Moto Co. apparel and accessories. In addition, the shop includes clothing and motorcycle gear from top brands such as SUPER73, Belstaff, Bremont, Indian, Royal Enfield, and Ducati.

Bike Shed Moto Co.

Retail Shop Bike Shed Moto Co.

Motorcycle Club in LA

Last and certainly not least, Bike Shed Moto Co. offers a motorcycle club in LA. So if you own a motorcycle and want to ride and hang out with fellow bikers, become a member! What are the benefits? First of all, you get to participate in regular organized events like group rides and weekend camping trips. You’ll also gain access to the member’s lounge as well as hidden speakeasies within the Bike Shed Moto Co. space. On top of that, all members receive discounts on food, drink, and retail purchases.

Bike Shed Moto Co.

Event Space Bike Shed Moto Co.

To learn more about Bike Shed Moto Co., visit BikeShedMotoCo.com.

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