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This LGBTQ-Owned Skincare Brand Breaks Mainstream Beauty Norms

Common Heir cultivates a diverse community of clean beauty enthusiasts, and we’re obsessed!

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Courtesy of Common Heir

Common Heir cultivates a diverse community of clean beauty enthusiasts, and we’re obsessed!

We’re celebrating Pride Month with this LGBTQ- and WOC-owned beauty brand! Common Heir sets the tone for clean beauty with innovative, high-performing, and low-waste skincare products. Co-founder Angela Ubias shares more about the vision behind the brand, their sustainability efforts, and the importance of supporting Queer businesses year-round.

Common Heir is Proudly LGBTQ and WOC-Owned

It’s no surprise mainstream beauty is saturated with heteronormative, Western-pleasing aesthetics. Not only does Common Heir reshape the industry with one-of-a-kind skin must-haves, but they are also taking up necessary space for a more inclusive community. “There aren’t many luxury brands helmed by women of color, and even fewer are co-helmed by someone like me, a multiracial (Latina & Black) lesbian. That representation has made a difference in our community, ranging from retailers to press to our loyal customers,” Ubias shared with VegOut.

She continues, “Within our community, it’s been intentional for us to be inclusive of LGBTQIA+ creators big and small and build authentic relationships with all of our creators 365 days a year, not just during June. We love sharing their stories, uplifting their voices, and seeing them grow alongside us. It all boils down to visibility, which feels most disruptive of all.”

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Common Heir Co-Founder Angela Ubias Courtesy of Common Heir

Common Heir Cultivates Sustainable and High-Performing Beauty

Co-founders Cary Lin and Angela Ubias come from years of experience in the beauty industry. With extensive knowledge of what makes a beauty line effective and sustainable, Lin and Ubias launched Common Heir—a skincare line offering environmentally conscious products that deliver phenomenal results.

“We’d both been in different sectors of the beauty industry for years—for me, that meant seven years in indie beauty manufacturing and product development. For Cary, that meant running marketing for some of the original mass-clean brands. We both recognized from opposite sides of the industry how much waste beauty contributes to landfills annually and wanted to do something about it,” shared Ubias.

The skincare brand carries three powerhouse serums, including their 10% Vitamin C, Retinol, and Ceramide Barrier Boost. Each comes in a one-dose, biodegradable capsule packaged in a paper tube to minimize waste. To use, twist off the top of the capsule and gently squeeze onto the skin. This trio delivers a host of skin benefits, leaving your complexion brighter, tighter, and healthier.

Common Heir products on stand

Courtesy of Common Heir

Common Heir Protects Our Skin and Oceans

Every year, over 120 billion beauty packaging units end up in landfills. With sustainability as a core value, Common Heir puts the environment’s health at the forefront. The beauty brand partners with 1% for the Planet and Ocean Blue Project, to which they donate 1% of annual sales. Furthermore, they give $1 from every email sign-up, removing one pound of microplastics from the ocean. Since the beginning of this partnership, 5,000 pounds of microplastics have been removed! “We also take our sustainability efforts seriously down to manufacturing—opting to produce in small batches to minimize waste,” said Ubias.

She continues, “We’re not perfect, and don’t pretend to be. I think that’s what our community finds so refreshing about our approach to sustainability—no preaching, no greenwashing, just honest and open dialogue about what change we can impact as a small business without sacrificing user experience.”

Common Heir products on stand

Courtesy of Common Heir

Common Heir champions inclusivity, sustainability, and top-quality skincare for everyone, and we’re all for it. To learn more about the vegan skincare line, visit CommonHeir.com and follow them on Instagram for brand updates!

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