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Sustainable Fashion Brand Blue District Unveils World’s First Vegan Ostrich Feathers

Vegan fashion reaches new heights!

Blue District vegan ostrich dress
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Courtesy of Blue District

Vegan fashion reaches new heights!

Fashion lovers, this one’s for you! In exciting news for sustainable fashion, Blue District has launched “Ethical Plumes,” the world’s first vegan alternative to ostrich feathers. The company’s founder, Cici Voise, has spent two years collaborating with experts to develop a product that is lightweight, soft, and cruelty-free, making it a viable option for fashion designers who want to reduce their environmental impact and avoid using animal products.

Are Ostrich Feathers Vegan?

Ostrich feathers have long been a popular choice in the fashion industry, thanks to their softness, fluffiness, and unique appearance. Unfortunately, traditional ostrich feather production involves the killing of millions of birds each year, making it an unsustainable and unethical practice. Additionally, even when ostrich feathers are sourced from farms where the birds are not killed, the feathers are still considered non-vegan, as they are an animal product. Thankfully, a new option now exists!

Vegan Ostrich Feathers for All

Blue District’s “Ethical Plumes” have solved this problem by mimicking the look and feel of traditional ostrich feathers without causing harm to any animals. By utilizing a specific sewing method, fine threading, and eco-friendly dyes, Blue District has created a product that is both fashionable and ethical.

Launching their vegan ostrich feathers on a sleek black dress made of bamboo fiber, Blue District is set to lead the way in a sustainable and compassionate fashion. This launch is expected to have a positive impact on animal welfare and the environment, as fashion designers and consumers shift toward cruelty-free alternatives. The introduction of “Ethical Plumes” marks a new era in sustainable fashion, where style and ethics can coexist!

Woman in Blue District dress

Courtesy of Blue District

Blue District: Your Sustainable Vegan Fashion Destination

The entire Blue District company is PETA-certified, and a FAKER-certified vegan brand. This means that all their products are 100% vegan and ethically made, and they’re always on the lookout for ways to improve their practices and materials. The F.A.K.E. Movement organization thoroughly investigates each brand to ensure they align with these values.

Whether you’re in the market for a new dress, some stylish shoes, or trendy accessories, you can rest assured that everything you buy from Blue District is not only fashionable but also eco-friendly and animal-friendly.

Learn more about Blue District’s Ethical Plumes at ShopBlueDistrict.com.

Allison van Tilborgh

Allison van Tilborgh

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