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See the article 12 inspirational black vegan instagrammers you need to follow now

12 Inspirational Black Vegan Instagrammers You Need to Follow Now

Here is a list of Black vegan public figures that inspire, encourage, and motivate others to live compassionately by creating great content on vegan food, environmental sustainability, mental and physical health, and human rights.

Mohini Patel Mohini Patel
See the article how to be an intersectional vegan: q&a with omowale adewale, founder of black vegfest

How to Be an Intersectional Vegan: Q&A With Omowale Adewale, Founder of Black VegFest

We as vegans advocate for animal rights, but how can we also seek justice for Black lives in our day-to-day advocacy?

Kayla Pasko
See the article vegan pro skater micky papa on skateboarding, the olympics, and his nonna’s cooking

Vegan Pro Skater Micky Papa on Skateboarding, the Olympics, and His Nonna’s Cooking

2020 was the year skateboarding would debut at the Olympics, but unfortunately for Olympic hopefuls like Micky Papa, they’ll have to wait another year to show off their skills on the world stage. Micky isn’t too phased by the postponement, though. He just wants to skate. The vegan professional skateboarder allowed us into his world, demonstrating that the skater lifestyle is far more complex than people in backwards hats fooling around skate parks. Micky takes the extremely difficult sport seriously, both for its physical challenges and its mental demands (it takes a very specific mindset to hurl yourself into the air knowing you could land face-first on concrete). Micky shares his thoughts on the art of skating, how veganism is integrated into the sport, and how his Italian Nonna’s cooking influenced his diet and his perspective on life.

Tanya Flink


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