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11 Vegan Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements to Add to Your Diet

Check out these fish-free essential fatty acid supplement brands!


Courtesy of Calgee

Check out these fish-free essential fatty acid supplement brands!

Got Omega-3s? These health-promoting essential fatty acids are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found naturally in a variety of foods along with convenient dietary supplements. While traditional supplements often contain fish oil, many wellness brands have opted to cut out the middleman by heading right to the source. That’s where nutrient-rich algae comes in. Along with select nuts and seeds, this aquatic plant is full of Omega-3 fatty acids. Nothing fishy here! So, if you’re looking for a simple way to enhance your plant-based diet, check out these 11 vegan Omega-3 fatty acid supplements.


Specializing in vegan Omega-3 fatty acids, Calgee has your back when you’re looking for a sustainable, easy-to-swallow, and fish-free supplement. These algae-based softgels pack 450 mg of EPA and DHA and are free from carrageenan, gluten, and GMOs. You can feel good about your decision as Calgee supplements are third-party tested and made in the USA.

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Calgee vegan supplement

Courtesy of Calgee



Sourced from 100% plant-based microalgae, the OceanBlue Omega-3 Vegan 1300 is here to provide you with the potent power of plants! This vegan supplement contains 950 mg of EPA and 350 mg of DHA to support optimal brain and heart health. And there are no environmental compromises here! This brand’s sustainable practices ensure that marine ecosystems were not harmed in the making of these plant-based softgels. You’re totally going to love this high-quality, cGMP-certified vegan Omega-3 supplement.


Courtesy of OceanBlue

Future Kind

From collagen-building supplements and gummy vitamins to multivitamins made specifically for vegans and plant-based Omega-3 fatty acid gels, Future Kind is our go-to supplement brand. Future Kind’s Vegan Omega-3 contains both EPA and DHA which has been sustainably sourced from algae. The vegan softgels use cruelty-free tapioca rather than gelatin and pack a pleasant citrus scent as well.

Future Kind vegan supplements

Courtesy of Future Kind


Say goodbye to fish oil supplements sourced from our overfished oceans and hello to Freshfield vegan-friendly algae-based supplements! This carbon-neutral company is focused on your health along with the health of our planet through saving aquatic wildlife and recovering plastic waste from our oceans. Each veggie capsule contains 225 mg of DHA and 35 mg of DPA to support brain and visual health.

Freshfield vegan supplements

Courtesy of Freshfield


Sunwarrior’s Omega-3 Vegan DHA & EPA is doing the most! It not only contains Omega-3 fatty acids, but Omega-6, 7, and 9 fatty acids as well. But that’s not all! These plant-based gels also contain essential polar lipids and chlorophyll, all of which are said to help reduce inflammation and promote vision, joint, and brain health. Hey, we’ll take it!

Sunwarrior vegan supplement

Courtesy of Sunwarrior


Utilizing a combination of ahiflower, chia seed, algae oils, and other functional ingredients, Greenfat’s Premium Omega-3s packs over 900 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids. The essential fatty acid supplements are gluten-free, keto-friendly, non-GMO, and third-party tested—you know we love to see it! If you’re looking for a vegan Omega-3 supplement, consider adding these softgels to your balanced plant-based diet.

Person holding Greenfat vegan supplements

Courtesy of Greenfat


Specializing in vegan supplements, Deva is coming through with a plethora of fish-free essential fatty acid supplements. Derived from various sources like chia seed, flaxseed, hemp seed, and algal oil, Deva has a vegan Omega-3 fatty acid supplement for everyone! Along with the brand’s impressive lineup of nutritional enhancements, these high-quality supplements are produced in an FDA-inspected facility.

Deva vegan supplement

Courtesy of Deva


Sourced from Schizochytrium microalgae, Truvani’s Plant-Based Omega is a great choice for those seeking a supplement free from carrageenan, gelatin, glycerin, palm oil, gluten, and GMOs. Ingredient transparency is a major pillar of this female-founded brand. These DHA-rich softgels may be helpful in supporting brain health, heart health, and overall wellness.

Truvani vegan supplement

Courtesy of Truvani

Mary Ruth’s

Available in liquid droppers and tasty gummy varieties, we love Mary Ruth’s lineup of vegan Omega-3 fatty acid supplements for the entire family. Created for infants, toddlers, and adults, Mary Ruth’s has a fish-free supplement with your name on it. Pair the brand’s Vegan Omega-3 Liquid Drops or Vegan Omega-3 Gummies with your balanced plant-based diet for a little extra anti-inflammatory boost. Bonus: Use promo code MROVEGOUT for 15% off your purchase!

Mary Ruth vegan supplements

Courtesy of Mary Ruth

Nordic Naturals


While not all Nordic Naturals supplements are vegan, the brand features several cruelty-free Omega options sourced from microalgae. Plant-based eaters can shop for an Omega-3 fatty acid supplement for the entire family! Along with vegan DHA supplements for infants, children, and pregnant individuals, Nordic Naturals also offers its Algae Omega supplement for adults. The latter features both EPA and DHA for heart, brain, and immune health.

Nordic Naturals vegan supplements

Courtesy of Nordic Naturals

Sports Research


Vegan-certified Omega-3 fatty acid supplements? Sign us up. While not all Sports Research supplements are vegan, the brand features several plant-based options including its Vegan Omega-3 From Algae Oil, Vegan Omega-3 + Vitamin D3, and Vegan Flaxseed Oil. Let Sports Research support your animal-friendly lifestyle with one of its many essential fatty acid formulas.

Sports Research vegan supplements

Courtesy of Sports Research

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