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Zero Egg Served at Mayor Eric Adams’ Heritage Event

The vegan egg brand spearheaded the menu at a Dominican Heritage Event held at Gracie Mansion—mayor Eric Adams’ house.

Zero Egg

Zero Egg

The vegan egg brand spearheaded the menu at a Dominican Heritage Event held at Gracie Mansion—mayor Eric Adams’ house.

Veganism has hit the mainstream! This week, plant-based brand Zero Egg sponsored a fully-vegan event honoring Dominican Heritage at New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ house.

Vegan Brand Sponsors Biggest Heritage Event of the Year

Last Wednesday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams hosted an event honoring Dominican Heritage Month at Gracie Mansion, his official residence. The event was attended by over 1,600 people, making it the largest heritage event of the year. Furthermore, the entire event was vegan. Mayor Adams has famously adopted a mostly plant-based diet as a way to combat climate change and prevent disease.

The Gracie Mansion culinary team served up traditional Dominican cuisine, including maduros, gazpacho, and tostones. A featured dish was the revuelto de hueve con yucca frita. This dish is traditionally consists of eggs but was served with Zero Egg instead. “I’m super impressed with Zero Egg,” said Joseph Simon, Chef at Gracie Mansion. “It acts like a regular egg. It tastes like a regular egg. I’m not the biggest fan of plant-based stuff, but this stuff impresses me. Zero Egg is awesome.”

Mayor Adams’ administration is the first in New York City history to host fully plant-based events at Gracie Mansion. This week’s event was not the first vegan event, and it surely won’t be the last!

Zero Egg: The Sustainable Vegan Egg

Zero Egg has gained popularity over the last year as one of the top choices when it comes to plant-based eggs. Available as both an egg patty and a liquid egg alternative, it easily substitutes as a regular egg. The egg patties are a great choice for breakfast sandwiches, while the liquid egg alternative can be used as an even swap for traditional eggs in any recipe.

Zero Egg products have a leg up on the sustainability ladder, as they use significantly less land, water, and energy to produce. They consist of a blend of potato, chickpea, and soy proteins and contains zero cholesterol.

For more information about this plant-based egg, visit ZeroEgg.com.

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