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Vegan Fried Chicken Brand VFC Makes Its Retail Debut in the US

The UK plant-based chicken brand VFC can now be purchased at online vegan grocer GTFO It’s Vegan.


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The UK plant-based chicken brand VFC can now be purchased at online vegan grocer GTFO It’s Vegan.

Say hello to the next wave of vegan fried chicken! UK plant-based chicken brand VFC has made its retail debut in the US.

New Vegan Fried Chicken Available in the US

VFC is a UK-based vegan fried chicken brand that has been a popular option in Europe for those looking to add plant-based meat products to their diets. This week, VFC finally launched its retail presence in the US after much consumer demand.

VFC is now available via the vegan online grocer GTFO It’s Vegan, one of the leading vegan online grocers in the US that delivers to all 50 states. Available products will include Chick*n Fillets, Chick*n Bites, and Popcorn Chick*n. Browse products and pricing here.

Customers can use code VFC@GTFO20 for 20% off their VFC orders through the end of March. Vejii, another plant-based online vegan marketplace, will also begin carrying the brand starting in March. Customers can also receive 20% off their orders through Vejii with the code VFC20 for the month of March.

Vegan Fried Chicken with a Sassy Message

VFC was founded on the premise of no-nonsense activism. The brand regularly takes down trolls on social media, and its marketing salutes the work that activists and street protestors are doing in the name of animal equality.

VFC products are made from seitan and rolled in a crispy cornflake coating for a crunchy finish that’s just like its animal-based counterpart. VFC is also high in protein, containing up to 15g of protein per 100g of plant-based chicken.

Some US restaurants were able to get their hands on VFC products when the brand launched in US food service last fall, but this latest release will mark the first time consumers can order the products shipped directly to them. Visit VFCFoods.com for more information or to learn more about the brand.

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