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UK-Based Vegan Fried Chicken Brand VFC Expands to US

The UK-based brand is expanding into the North American market.


The UK-based brand is expanding into the North American market.

The popular UK-based vegan fried chicken company has been making waves in Europe since its debut in December 2020. Now, thanks to a whopping 3.3 million dollars raised in seed funding earlier this year, VFC is bringing vegan fried chicken to the US!

Vegan Fried Chicken Comes to US Food Service

The North American expansion is currently limited to US food service. Restaurants will have the option to order Chick*n Fillets, Chick*n Bites, and Popcorn Chick*n in 22-pound boxes, making the opportunity for vegan fried chicken sandwiches and vegan chicken nugget appetizers at restaurants endless! VFC’s products are made from seitan and rolled in a crispy corn flake coating that is reminiscent of the fried chicken at a popular fast-food joint with a similar name (any guesses?). The vegan chicken is high in protein, containing 19g per 100g of chicken.

The option is currently only available to West Coast restaurants, but a full expansion is in the works, and retail service is on the horizon as well. Stay tuned for the list of West Coast restaurants carrying the brand as the expansion unfolds!

Founded by Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Veganuary

Founded by serial entrepreneur and founder of Veganuary, Matthew Glover, VFC’s mission has always been to be a “sit down protest” against the factory farming of all animals—especially chickens. Their long term goal is to first achieve price parity with animal-based chicken products, then to outprice them altogether, ultimately offering the public a product that looks and tastes like chicken but costs less. The brand salutes all of the work that activists and street protestors are doing in the name of animal equality and states that this is their way to fight the systemic injustices that factory-farmed animals face daily—with great food.

Check out what VFC is all about here, and make sure to follow them on Instagram for updates on where their products will be available near you!

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