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Plant Power Fast Food Launches Vegan Blizzards

The plant-based fast-food chain added “Snow Days” in four varieties to the menu at all locations last week.

Plant Power Fast Food

Plant Power Fast Food

The plant-based fast-food chain added “Snow Days” in four varieties to the menu at all locations last week.

Plant Power Fast Food is bringing back all of the nostalgia for 2023! You can now find “Snow Days”—the brand’s own vegan version of a Blizzard—at all Plant Power locations.

Oat Milk Vegan Blizzards Land at Plant Power

While vegan ice cream is fairly easy to find these days, vegan soft serve is a bit harder to track down. And vegan soft serve with all the vegan chunky fixings? Even harder!

Luckily, San Diego-based fast-food restaurant Plant Power is making it easier than ever for vegans to get their hands on this nostalgic dessert. “Snow Days” is the brand’s take on a Blizzard or a McFlurry. Think thick soft-serve ice cream with chunky bits of vegan treats sprinkled in.

“Snow Days” frozen treats are made with an oat milk soft-serve base and a variety of toppings and mix-ins. “Snow Days” is launching with four initial flavors: Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Brownie, and Betterfinger.

“‘Snow Days,’ our thick, creamy soft serve with baked goods and chocolaty toppings, instantly transports you to being a carefree kid in the decadent ‘80s,” said Plant Power CEO Zach Vouga. “The joy of feeling like a kid shouldn’t stop just because you’re all grown up.”

Honestly, we can’t agree more! “Snow Days” are available to purchase at all 11 Plant Power Fast Food locations. The frozen treat comes in a 12oz cup and costs $7.49.

Plant Power Fast Food Continues Expansion

Plant Power began its journey in 2016 in San Diego. It was one of the few vegan fast-food restaurants in Southern California for a long time. Since then, the brand has continued to grow and now has 11 locations across California and Nevada. And earlier this year, the restaurant opened its flagship store in Hollywood.

For more information about Plant Power Fast Food and its new vegan “Snow Days,” visit PlantPowerFastFood.com.

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