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Plant Power Fast Food Launches Value Burger to Compete with McDonald’s

The vegan fast-food chain announces new low-priced menu items!

Plant Power Fast Food

Plant Power Fast Food

The vegan fast-food chain announces new low-priced menu items!

Plant Power, one of the country’s leading 100% plant-based fast-food restaurant chains, announces new price reductions that now range with fast-food giants. In addition to this exciting announcement, they introduce a new pea protein burger patty!

Plant Power’s New Prices Go Head-to-Head with Fast-Food Giants

Plant Power Fast Food announces a new low-cost “Classic Burger” line! This will move the company closer to its goal of matching prices with traditional fast-food chains. “The launch of these new hamburgers and cheeseburgers at $4.95 and $5.95 respectively is a tremendous step toward achieving this goal,” shared co-founder and CEO Jeffrey Harris. As a result, the vegan fast-food eatery now offers a lower price on their Impossible Burger compared to Burger King, which shows their plant-based option at $7.95.

It’s not uncommon that veganism is often met with criticisms of being expensive. But with these new price reductions, this will expand accessibility to customers who want to try more plant-based options. As a result, finding low-price vegan items will only get easier! Plant Power currently has 11 locations, including a food truck! And by 2023, the vegan eatery plans to expand to 15 restaurants.

Plant Power Partners with Alpha Foods to Create Pea Protein Patty

The vegan fast-food chain also announces a new GMO- and gluten-free pea protein burger! In collaboration with Alpha Foods, this must-try menu item has been in the works for years. “We have spent nearly two years collaborating with Alpha Foods’ R&D to painstakingly perfect the new juicy, smoky, and wildly delicious burger patty. We are thrilled with the results,” shared Plant Power co-founder and COO Zach Vouga. This will be your go-to burger option if you’re in the mood for something brighter and delectable!

Stay Connected with Plant Power Fast Food

Plant Power is at the forefront of veganizing our fast-food favorites. Including breakfast sandwiches, cheeseburgers, and finger foods. Along with perfecting our comfort favorites, they release seasonal milkshakes! Featuring two new flavors, Mixed Berry and Salted Caramel, these sweet treats will cool you down for the warmer days ahead. Visit their website to stay updated on new menu items!

Alejandra Tolley

Alejandra Tolley


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