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Cruise Line Atlas Ocean Voyages Unveils Vegan Menu

Pack your bags! It’s time to book your next cruise with these new vegan onboard options.

Atlas Ocean Voyages

Courtesy of Atlas Ocean Voyages

Pack your bags! It’s time to book your next cruise with these new vegan onboard options.

Atlas Ocean Voyages introduces a range of new vegan dishes and enhancements that promise to redefine the onboard dining experience. With a dedication to offering exceptional journeys for all guests, the cruise line aims to tantalize the taste buds of discerning vegan travelers.

Atlas Ocean Voyages Introduces Vegan Menu

As the demand for vegan cuisine surges, Atlas has responded by crafting a menu that celebrates the richness and diversity of plant-based ingredients. From tantalizing appetizers to sumptuous main courses and decadent desserts, each dish is a masterpiece of flavor. Imbued with global influences and innovative culinary artistry, the vegan menu ensures a journey of diverse and gratifying tastes for vegan explorers. And with a commitment to sustainability, locally sourced ingredients take center stage. We’re here for it!

Our new vegan menu delivers yet another unique culinary experience for our guests’ evolving preferences and dietary needs,” said James Rodriguez, president and CEO at Atlas Ocean Voyages. “Our team of talented chefs has carefully crafted each dish to showcase the creativity and diversity of vegan cuisine, ensuring an exceptional dining experience for our vegan travelers.

New Vegan Dishes

Onboard, you’ll enjoy everything from Fresh Beets Niçoise Salad (featuring beets, green beans, tomatoes, and capers) to Mushroom Stroganoff (partnered with a whiskey-infused sauce and basmati rice). Or go for the Oyster Mushroom Ceviche (pickled oyster mushrooms with zesty citrus, chili peppers, and sweet potato puree) or Ensalada de Brotes (a fusion of sprouts, hearts of palm, avocado, and a chili pepper vinaigrette). Dessert options are not to be missed, with the Woodland Wonder Cacao Confection taking center stage.

Vegan-Friendly Offerings on Atlas Ocean Voyages Cruise Line

Start your day at Atlas Ocean Voyages cruise line’s dedicated vegan breakfast corner. There, you’ll find an array of vegan croissants, Danish pastries, and hummus. Then for lunch, a daily changing selection, enjoy a dynamic selection of plant-based options. Finally, winding down your day, go for the plant-based Vegan Steak for dinner. This dish is located at the 7Aft Grill. Feeling snacky? Paula’s Pantry offers a Vegan Muesli Power Bar, as well as other all-day options. And don’t miss the 24-hour room-service menu, catering to cravings with Botanically Inspired BBQ Chicken Pizza and The Impossible Delight Burger.

Visit AtlasOceanVoyages.com for more information.

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