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Nation’s First Vegan Sub Chain Is Coming Soon

Unreal Deli Sandwiches is now open in Austin, Denver, LA, NYC, and Raleigh.

Unreal Deli

Unreal Deli

Unreal Deli Sandwiches is now open in Austin, Denver, LA, NYC, and Raleigh.

Subway, what? Vegan brands Unreal Deli and Only Plant Based have partnered up to launch the nation’s first vegan sub chain—Unreal Deli Sandwiches.

The Nation’s First Vegan Sub Chain

Unreal Deli Sandwiches will offer a menu of fully vegan sub sandwiches. The brand will be operating as a ghost kitchen and already has several locations open in Austin, Denver, LA, NYC, and Raleigh. The brand has plans to open several more ghost kitchen locations in each of those five cities and to expand to more cities nationwide.

Unreal Deli Sandwiches has partnered with Acelerate, a brand that manages ghost kitchens and delivery, to bring as many concepts to their target cities as possible. If you’re unfamiliar with ghost kitchens, they are kitchens that make food for pickup and delivery only and do not have any dine-in space. Unreal Deli Sandwiches will be operating exclusively in ghost kitchens with the goal of reaching as many customers as possible.

Vegan Reubens, Cheesesteaks, and Turkey Subs Available for Delivery

The menu at Unreal Deli Sandwiches will feature veganized versions of classic favorites, such as a Reuben, a cheesesteak, and a turkey sub. All sandwiches will be made with vegan meat products from Unreal Deli, cheese products from Violife, and sauces from Only Plant Based.

Unreal Deli makes authentic, deli-style plant-based meats and has seen a big increase in production following a successful pitch to Shark Tank in 2019. The brand can currently be found in grocers and restaurants nationwide, and the expansion of the plant-based sub chain marks the next big thing for the brand.

For a full list of ghost kitchens and their locations, click here. Delivery is available through apps including DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates, Grubhub, and Seamless.

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