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Melt Organic Launches New Vegan Cheese Spread Line

The vegan cheese spread line debuted this week at Natural Products Expo West.

Melt Organic

Melt Organic

The vegan cheese spread line debuted this week at Natural Products Expo West.

Melt Organic, a leading plant-based butter brand, just launched a new line of vegan cheese spreads at Natural Products Expo West. The new product will be available in retailers nationwide this spring.

Melt Organic Launches Spreadable Vegan Cheese

After perfecting a spreadable vegan butter, Melt Organic has shifted gears and just announced the launch of a line of spreadable vegan cheeses. The line has four flavors: Queso Picante, Cool Garlic Herb, Everything, and Original.

All four flavors are vegan, non-GMO, kosher, organic, and free from the top 8 allergens. In addition, the spreadable cheeses are made with fermented plant protein and contain 21g of protein per 7oz tub (that’s 50% more protein than the leading dairy cream cheese!).

Brittney Fischer, Director of Brand Marketing at Melt Organic, said that the team is “… excited about the expansion of our better-for-you vegan cheese spread that tastes great and that is powered by fermented plant protein that fills you up.”

Melt Organic Cheesy Spreadables debuted at Natural Products Expo West on March 8, 2022 and will be available at MeltOrganic.com as well as at retailers nationwide this spring, where they will be sold for $6.99 per 7oz tub.

Vegan Butter That Is Nut-Free, Soy-Free, and Free From Artificial Flavors

Melt Organic is known for its perfectly spreadable vegan butter. Its full product line includes salted and unsalted butter sticks, regular butter, and butter made with probiotics. Melt butter is made with a blend of organic coconut oil, organic flaxseed oil, organic palm fruit oil, and organic canola oil. In addition, all Melt butter is free from gluten, soy, nuts, and artificial colors and preservatives.

To browse the full product line, visit MeltOrganic.com, or use the brand’s store locator to find a retailer near you carrying the plant-based butter.

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