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Chicago’s PlantX Food Hall Replaces Kitchen 17 with Meek’s Vegan Pizza

The vegan food hall welcomes Houston-based Meek's Vegan Pizza to its lineup.

Meek's Vegan Pizza

Courtesy of Meek's Vegan Pizza

The vegan food hall welcomes Houston-based Meek's Vegan Pizza to its lineup.

PlantX just added a new vendor to its Chicago food hall lineup. Meek’s Vegan Pizza has made its way from the vibrant culinary scene of Houston, Texas to captivate the taste buds of Chicago’s pizza enthusiasts.

Meek’s Vegan Pizza

Meek’s Vegan Pizza, a celebrated Black-owned establishment, was born from Demetrius Walker’s dedication to creating a vegan pizza that would delight his son’s palate. Partnering with culinary visionary Antonio “Tone” Barnes, the Meek’s team expanded to Palos Heights, Illinois, establishing Meek’s Vegan Kitchen earlier this year. The collaborative effort brought to life a culinary gem committed to cruelty-free ethics and exceptional flavors.

Antonio “Tone” Barnes expressed gratitude for the journey, saying, “I’ve faced challenges, embraced opportunities, and dedicated myself to this journey. It’s been a path of hard work, but I’m humbled and grateful for the opportunity. With Meek’s Vegan Kitchen, we aim to create something extraordinary, to give our all to a community that deserves nothing but the best. I’m confident in our mission and gracious for the chance to make it a reality.”

Meek's Vegan Pizza

Courtesy of Meek’s Vegan Pizza

Farewell to Kitchen 17’s Station 17:B

The arrival of Meek’s Vegan Kitchen signals a shift in PlantX’s partnership strategy, transitioning away from its collaboration with Kitchen 17’s Station 17:B. PlantX will now focus on supporting independent restaurant operations within its foodhall, enabling a more comprehensive management approach. The transition acknowledges PlantX’s commitment to enhancing foodhall operations while supporting restaurant owners.

Kitchen 17’s owners expressed support for the change, stating, “We have been partnering with PlantX to carry our wholesale product since their inception in Chicago, and are excited to continue that partnership with the bodega. For our frozen pizzas wholesale just makes more sense, and while we were eager to give PlantX’s food hall partnership a try we understand their desire to stop operating a booth and bring in a self-contained outside vendor. We wish Meek’s all the best and welcome them to the Chicago pizza community!”

A New Chapter in PlantX’s Journey

Sean Dollinger, PlantX’s founder, said, “After my first call with Tone and the entire team behind Meek’s, I was just so blown away by the grit and hustle, and I knew they needed to be a part of what we’re doing here. I would also like to give a shoutout to Joe and Jennie from Kitchen 17. They have been amazing partners since day one, and I know their wholesale business is going to thrive. I cannot wait to see sales for their frozen pizzas online and in our bodega.”

The inclusion of Meek’s Vegan Pizza marks an exciting phase in PlantX’s mission to redefine plant-based dining. The company remains committed to its loyal patrons and eagerly anticipates the warm reception for Meek’s Vegan Pizza in Chicago.

Visit MeeksVeganPizza.com to learn more about the restaurant.

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