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McDonald’s Is Finally Testing Its McPlant Burger at Select US Locations

This is the first time a vegan-friendly burger will hit the menus of McDonald’s in the US.


This is the first time a vegan-friendly burger will hit the menus of McDonald’s in the US.

While several fast-food restaurants have offered vegan-friendly options for quite some time, McDonald’s is one of those chains that has been a bit late to the party—at least in the US. After launching plant-based menu items in Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the UK, McDonald’s is finally testing its McPlant Burger at select US locations!

The Vegan-Friendly McPlant Burger at McDonald’s

The vegan-friendly McPlant Burger at McDonald’s was created in partnership with Beyond Meat. The burger features a classic vegan Beyond Meat patty on a sesame seed bun with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, and American cheese. Keep in mind the patties are cooked on the same grill as McDonald’s beef patties, and the cheese and mayonnaise are not vegan. Herbivores wanting to try the new burger can order it without cheese and mayonnaise to make it vegan-friendly, but note that there is cross-contamination due to the shared grill.

Where to Order the McDonald’s McPlant Burger This Fall

The trial will take place at eight McDonald’s locations in the United States beginning November 3—and the McPlant Burger will be on par with the price of the chain’s animal-based burgers.

Here’s where to order the McDonald’s McPlant Burger this fall:

  • El Segundo, California
  • Manhattan Beach, California
  • Cedar Falls, Iowa
  • Jennings, Louisiana
  • Lake Charles, Louisiana
  • Carrollton, Texas
  • Irving, Texas

The McPlant Burger Might Appear on Menus Nationwide

Although the cross-contamination aspect might be frustrating for some, this is a huge step forward for McDonald’s and the vegan movement. The company said the limited test will help them understand the impact of introducing a plant-based burger on its operations. If the test goes well, the McPlant Burger might appear on menus nationwide—and who knows, McDonald’s might offer separate grills and vegan cheese down the line.

For more information, visit McDonalds.com.

Allie Mitchell

Allie Mitchell


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