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You Can Now Shop Lizzo’s Vegan Grocery List on Instacart

Your grocery shopping experience just became easier with Instacart’s new shop-Lizzo’s-cart feature!



Your grocery shopping experience just became easier with Instacart’s new shop-Lizzo’s-cart feature!

Instacart is a life-saving app for many people, and it’s about to get better. The app just released a new creative platform where users can elevate their shopping experience! “The World Is Your Cart” is a new campaign where users will see their favorite creator, influencer, or music artist’s favorite items to shop. You will find everything you need, from cooking inspo to new makeup products to try, with Instacart’s new feature.

Lizzo Kicks Off “The World Is Your Cart” Campaign

Grammy Award-winning singer and celebrated vegan, Lizzo helps launch an exciting new platform with Instacart! The World Is Your Cart campaign highlights a new in-app feature called “Carts.” This feature steps up users’ shopping experience. It provides a look at their favorite artists’ must-haves. Customers view a product, “cart” it, and get their new discoveries delivered straight to their door—within an hour!

Lizzo curates her own Cart, ranging from Self Care Sunday and Late Night Noms to Date Night. Some of her go-tos include Coca-Cola, Oreos, and Skittles! “A shoot where I get to sit in a bubble bath and shop all day? Sign me up, Instacart!” said Lizzo. “People will see me shopping and imagining what each item could lead to. From a desertscape of Takis—which are always in my cart—to a rain shower of cherries. I’m also excited to share my shoppable Cart, which includes many of my favorite things. I hope my Cart inspires people to get all the stuff they love or maybe even try something different!” shared Lizzo.

A New Era of Grocery Shopping

Instacart’s latest feature provides inspiration to users to try new products and spruce up their everyday needs. “‘The World Is Your Cart” is a rallying cry reminding us of the abundant possibilities of each product we add to our Carts. This feature satiates our curiosity by enabling others’ Carts to spark our creativity,” said Laura Jones, Chief Marketing Officer at Instacart.

You can now view Lizzo’s personalized Cart and many others on Instacart.com and on the app!

Alejandra Tolley

Alejandra Tolley


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