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LA’s First Vegan Food Bank Tackles Local Food Insecurities

Vegans of LA’s Vegan Food Bank transforms our local food systems!

Vegans of LA
Los Angeles

Vegans of LA’s Vegan Food Bank transforms our local food systems!

In LA, many individuals struggle with access to plant-based foods. In particular, fresh produce and veggies. As a result, many Black and Brown communities experience food apartheid. This is a systemic effect of  having little to no dependable grocery stores in certain areas. Gwenna Hunter is tackling this issue with her powerful endeavor—LA’s first vegan food bank. This impactful action creates greater access to healthy foods all over LA and establishes a community-driven solution.

Vegans of LA’s First Vegan Food Bank

Community activist and founder of Vegans for Black Lives Matter and Vegans of LA, Gwenna Hunter, creates the first vegan food bank in Los Angeles! By highlighting the root cause of food insecurity, this initiative brings equity to our local food systems for those who do not have access to healthy, plant-based options. On average, Black, Brown, and lower-income neighborhoods disproportionately face food inequities. Experiencing this injustice herself in Cleveland, Hunter knows what it’s like not to have a grocery store for miles. “Without knowing why coupled with the lack of education provided, I now know that I was experiencing poor nutrition, not by choice, but by the scarcity of accessibility to healthy foods,” Hunter shared.

The food bank provides fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and vegan-friendly products to anyone who needs it. “Food worthiness is a human right. In providing plant-based foods to communities in need, we empower them with new food choices, and in turn, we create a more sustainable world,” said Hunter. This community effort is in partnership with Hope on Union Food Bank and multiple beloved vegan brands. These include Hodo Foods, Good Catch, Hilary’s, OmniFoods, Unreal Deli, and more. In addition, they use imperfect packaged items sent from partnering companies to reduce food waste!

A Long-Term Solution for Food Insecurity

Starting in the fall, Vegans of LA will expand into colleges and universities in Southern California to bring awareness to the food apartheid experienced by many students and create easier access to nutritious plant-based foods.

In May, the food bank began to provide vegan food from 8-10am every third Thursday of the month. As a result, they have fed up to 500 people each distribution. Find them at 2208 S Union Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90007. To support, donate, or volunteer for this incredible action, you can reach out directly to Vegans of LA on Instagram.

Alejandra Tolley

Alejandra Tolley


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