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Chicago’s Kale My Name Is Giving Away Free Food This Sunday

The VegOut favorite is partnering with plant-based chicken brand TiNDLE to hand out free meals this weekend.


Courtesy of Kale My Name

The VegOut favorite is partnering with plant-based chicken brand TiNDLE to hand out free meals this weekend.

Kale My Name, the popular vegan eatery, is teaming up with TiNDLE, the innovative plant-based protein company, to introduce exciting new items to its menu. To celebrate this collaboration, Kale My Name is hosting a special event where customers will have the opportunity to sample these delicious additions for free. Mark your calendars for June 25 and get ready to indulge in a range of mouthwatering TiNDLE offerings all day long!

Kale My Name Teams up with TiNDLE to Unveil New Menu Items

Kale My Name and TiNDLE have joined forces to bring customers an array of enticing new dishes. Known for their commitment to providing nutritious and delicious meals, Kale My Name is excited to incorporate TiNDLE’s high-quality, plant-based chicken alternatives into their offerings.

The TiNDLE Chicken Sandwich

One of the highlights of the partnership is the introduction of the TiNDLE chicken sandwich. Crafted with TiNDLE’s innovative plant-based chicken, this sandwich offers a delectable combination of flavors and textures. From the crispy exterior to the tender and juicy center, each bite delivers a satisfying experience that rivals its meat-based counterpart. With a perfect blend of seasonings and a toasted bun, the TiNDLE chicken sandwich is set to become a new favorite among Kale My Name customers.

Chicken Sandwich from Kale My Name

Courtesy of Kale My Name

TiNDLE Chicken Tenders

Alongside the TiNDLE chicken sandwich, Kale My Name is introducing TiNDLE chicken tenders to its menu. These bite-sized delights are a versatile option, perfect as a snack or a main course. The tenders boast the same mouthwatering taste and texture as traditional chicken tenders, but without the negative environmental impact. Whether enjoyed with a dipping sauce or paired with a nourishing salad, TiNDLE chicken tenders are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Try the New Menu Items for Free This Sunday, June 25

To kick off the arrival of these exciting new menu items, Kale My Name is hosting a special event on June 25. Starting at 11am and lasting throughout the day, customers will have the opportunity to try the TiNDLE chicken sandwich and TiNDLE chicken tenders for free. There is no purchase necessary, but be sure to make a reservation!

Visit KaleMyName.com or follow @kalemyname on Instagram for more from the restaurant.

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