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Country Crock Debuts Plant-Based Heavy Whipping Cream

Country Crock reveals their newest product—Plant Cream!

Country Crock

Country Crock

Country Crock reveals their newest product—Plant Cream!

Vegan baking just got easier! Country Crock reveals their new Plant Cream. The plant-based alternative is perfect for use in endless cooking and baking recipes and offers a stress-free substitute for heavy whipping cream. As a result, the new product will elevate meals to be more flavorful!

Country Crock Celebrates Dairy-Free Substitutes

Country Crock’s Plant Cream is the newest launch of the company’s line of vegan products! This latest vegan item is dairy-free and soy-free. In addition, it has been certified plant-based by the Plant Based Foods Association (PFBA). With 29% less saturated fat than dairy-based heavy whipping cream, it’s the perfect vegan replacement! Due to this exciting announcement, vegans will have more variety to step up their baking game.

“Country Crock Plant Cream is a secret weapon ingredient to have in the kitchen. Its versatility and delicious taste make it perfect for vegetarians, [the] dairy intolerant, and plant-curious consumers,” said Natalie Cooper, Country Crock’s Brand Lead. The must-try product will allow customers to try tasty dairy-free alternatives to cream and butter! To celebrate the new Plant Cream, Country Crock launched the “We Defied Dairy” campaign. This initiative showcases how Country Crock Plant Cream and Plant Butter are made with delicious plant-powered ingredients.

Country Crock’s New Plant Cream

As a vegan, you’re probably tired of refrigerating your coconut cream until it reaches the perfect texture. But, with Country Crock’s new plant cream, this will be your new baking essential! “We believe that once consumers make the switch, they will find surprising ways to enjoy it, including reheating leftovers, making ultra-creamy pastas, or baking a delicious dessert,” Cooper shared.

Country Crock’s Plant Cream will be available nationwide at Kroger grocery stores. Visit CountryCrock.com to find a retailer near you. And click here to learn more about the new vegan item.

Alejandra Tolley

Alejandra Tolley


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