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Cape Coral, Florida’s First Gluten-Free Vegan Restaurant Opens

BJ’s Bites is ready to delight gluten-free, vegan diners.

BJ's Bites

BJ’s Bites is ready to delight gluten-free, vegan diners.

With just a small vegan food scene in Cape Coral, Florida, Brittney Trevisan and Josh Schreiner felt like it was the perfect community to launch a vegan restaurant of their own, but not just any vegan restaurant, one that is also 100% gluten-free. BJ’s Bites—the area’s first gluten-free, vegan restaurant—opened its doors on October 12, 2021, to delight customers with a mouthwatering menu of loaded nachos, Buffalo mac-n-cheese bowls, fried tofu poppers, mylkshakes, and much more!

Celiac-Friendly Vegan Restaurant

The path to veganism began for Trevisan after being diagnosed with celiac disease. While there were celiac-friendly, vegan restaurants she could dine safely at, they mainly served healthy fare, which was great, but something was missing. “We wanted to bring comfort food—the type of food that when you eat it you say, ‘Oh my God that was good,’” Trevisan shares.

The menu features comfort favorites that are often not thought of as vegan-friendly or gluten-free, such as their fried chik’n sandwich (served with house-made aioli) and tater tots covered in house-made cheeze. Many diners have come in with allergies, and Trevisan shares that they have been so excited to be able to enjoy everything on the menu rather than a select section.

A Sense of Community

Opening a gluten-free, vegan restaurant in Cape Coral was part of the duo’s mission to be there for the community, but they didn’t realize how much the community would be there for them. “We actually sold out on our first day and had to close a little early!” Trevisan shares. And even though they’ve only been open a few days, some diners have returned for seconds. That, accompanied by the positive response from other area business owners, has provided an encouraging sense of community for the founders.

Where to Find BJ’s Bites

If you can’t wait to try BJ’s Bites, you’re in luck, they are open Wednesday through Sunday, with all-day brunch on Saturday and Sunday. The restaurant is located at 1806 Del Prado Blvd S, Cape Coral, FL 33990.

Rebecca Gade Sawicki

Rebecca Gade Sawicki


Rebecca lives in Metro Detroit and is the creator of the vegan travel blog Veggies Abroad. Born of her love for travel and the curiosity of others about her plant-based lifestyle, the blog addresses the question, “What in the world did you eat?” When she isn’t checking out new vegan hot spots, you can find her strategizing ways to amplify the voices of vegan businesses and nonprofits in an effort to build a kinder world.

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