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Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Ice Cream Switches to Oat Base

The ice cream company favorite will transition all its non-dairy formulations to use oats as the base, for an even creamier dessert.

Ben & Jerry's

Courtesy of Ben & Jerry's

The ice cream company favorite will transition all its non-dairy formulations to use oats as the base, for an even creamier dessert.

Ben & Jerry’s, the iconic ice cream company known for its innovative flavors and commitment to social justice, is shaking up the world of non-dairy desserts with its latest announcement. Prepare your taste buds for a delightful surprise as Ben & Jerry’s introduces a new, smooth, and indulgent oat-based formula for its non-dairy lineup.

A Flavor Revolution: Oat-Based Awesomeness

Since Ben & Jerry’s ventured into the world of plant-based delights in 2016, they’ve continuously raised the bar. Now, they’re taking a giant leap forward with their new oat-based recipe. The oat base promises a smoother, creamier texture that allows each flavor to shine as intended. So whether you’re a fan of chocolate, decadent caramel, refreshing mint, or classic vanilla, you can expect more flavor and creaminess in every spoonful.

Not only does this new recipe elevate the taste experience, but it also caters to dietary sensitivities. By reducing nut allergens, Ben & Jerry’s is making its non-dairy options more inclusive for everyone.

“With this new recipe, Ben & Jerry’s fans can expect more: more flavor, more creamy texture, and more dessert euphoria with the same signature chunks and swirls. The oat recipe is so good, it’s even loved by our most discerning dairy fans,” said Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Guru, Colleen Rossell.

Ben & Jerry's

Courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s

A Sweet Surprise for Loyal Fans

If you’re a Ben & Jerry’s enthusiast, brace yourself for some exciting news. By spring 2024, nearly 20 existing non-dairy flavors in both pints and scoop shops will transition to this new and improved oat-based base. The transition begins with all-time favorites like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

What’s more, Ben & Jerry’s is set to unveil a new non-dairy version of a beloved classic, reimagined with the oat recipe in mind.

The Scoop on Sustainability

Ben & Jerry’s isn’t just about delicious ice cream. It’s also about values and sustainability. The new non-dairy pints, like all their flavors, will continue to feature fair trade-certified cocoa, vanilla, coffee, sugar, and Open Chain cocoa, embodying their commitment to ethical sourcing.

Availability and Pricing

Beginning today, these delectable non-dairy pints will begin shipping and will soon be available in participating scoop shops and grocery stores across the United States. To find Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy products near you, visit BenJerry.com.

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