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Sustainably and Carefully Sourced Ingredients Set This Native American-Owned Vegan Bakery Apart

Place an order from Wholesome Bakery in honor of Native American Heritage Month!

Wholesome Bakery
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Wholesome Bakery

Place an order from Wholesome Bakery in honor of Native American Heritage Month!

November is Native American Heritage Month, so we’d like to share more about Wholesome Bakery! This vegan, gluten-free bakery sources sustainable ingredients inspired by the owner’s Native American heritage.

Wholesome Bakery in San Francisco

For those unfamiliar with Wholesome Bakery in San Francisco, we’ll give you a quick rundown. For starters, this bakery is 100% vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free. Its menu features cookies, cakes, brownies, and other delicious pastries. In addition, Wholesome Bakery stocks savory offerings such as bagel sandwiches and tartines. All of these items are available for pickup and local delivery. But if you don’t live in the Bay Area, several baking mixes and desserts are available for nationwide delivery.

Native American Owner Mandy Harper

Wholesome Bakery’s Native American owner, Mandy Harper, hails from Arizona. She is a descendant of the Great Plains People—specifically, the Cheyenne and Arapaho Nations. Her attention to detail and mindful sourcing of ingredients is unparalleled. She attributes this to her heritage and passion for food.

Wholesome Bakery

Wholesome Bakery owner Mandy Harper Photo courtesy of Wholesome Bakery

“At 11 years old I still remember when this ‘obsession’ with practicing healthy relationships with land, plants, and animals manifested. But that’s just it—it’s not an obsession, it’s me. The deep roots that live in me and why food is so precious is something that I can’t control. This intrinsic connection to food is who I am. What I make is not a trend. It’s my ancestors coming through me, allowing me to bring people together, while pushing me to create real food from the earth with real ingredients,” Harper shared in an Instagram post.

Sustainable, Fair-Trade Ingredients

Wholesome Bakery thoughtfully sources sustainable, fair-trade ingredients. For example, their organic chocolate comes from ethical farmers who are paid and treated fairly. And instead of sweetening recipes using refined sugar, Wholesome Bakery utilizes coconut nectar and agave. Both ingredients require little water to grow, making them more eco-friendly than other sweeteners.

“We are very proud to say that all of our ingredients are thoughtfully sourced and ethically produced. It is our mission to ensure that the ingredients we use have a low impact on the environment, ecological systems, and require little water to grow. We understand that it is our responsibility as contributors with a carbon footprint that we do our part and very best to minimize our impact on the environment and help support other businesses who align with our ethics,” shared the Wholesome Bakery team.

Wholesome Bakery

Assorted baked goods Photo courtesy of Wholesome Bakery

Sustainable Palm Oil

The main ingredient that sets Wholesome Bakery apart from other bakeries? Sustainable palm oil. In case you didn’t know, palm fruit oil is notorious for harming the environment and animals. Harvesting the ingredient often leads to deforestation and further endangering species like orangutans. But palm oil is traditionally used in many cultures across the world. Because it’s a great source of fat, vitamins, and antioxidants. This is why Wholesome Bakery found a supplier for sustainable palm oil.

Natural Habitats works with local farmers in South America who grow palm oil following regenerative agriculture practices. And they harvest the palm oil without disturbing natural habitats. On top of that, their regenerative practices help revitalize soil. Lastly, Natural Habitats puts its profits toward the rebuilding of forests that were destroyed by industrial palm production.

How to Honor Indigenous People

If you’re wondering how to honor Indigenous People this month and year round, here are a few suggestions. One, read up on the history and traditions of Native Americans who have inhabited North America for over 15,000 years. Two, volunteer at or donate to Indigenous organizations like The Native American Agriculture Fund, Indigenous Roots, and Hopa Foundation. Three, purchase products and food from Native American-owned businesses when you can.

To learn more about Mandy Harper and Wholesome Bakery, visit WholesomeBakery.com.

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