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Where to Get Impossible Chicken Nuggets

Offering everything from sausage to beef, Impossible Foods recently added a new product to their lineup—Impossible Chicken Nuggets!

Impossible Chicken Nuggets
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Offering everything from sausage to beef, Impossible Foods recently added a new product to their lineup—Impossible Chicken Nuggets!

Impossible Foods, a Silicon Valley plant-based startup, is known for their meat-like products—and now they’ve added Impossible Chicken Nuggets to the fam! Rolling out at grocery stores and gourmet restaurants nationwide, these crunchy bites are the hottest ticket item yet. Here’s where to get Impossible Chicken Nuggets now!

Impossible Chicken Nuggets at Grocery Stores

While you won’t find Impossible Chicken Nuggets at grocery stores just yet, by the end of the year, Impossible boasts their product will be available in over 10,000 major chains like Walmart, Gelsons, Kroger, Albertsons, ShopRite, and Safeway. You’ll be able to find these fully-cooked nugs in the frozen food aisle, ready to reheat with a microwave, oven, or air fryer.

Restaurants That Carry Impossible Chicken Nuggets Nationwide

Can’t wait until then? In the meantime, you check out these restaurants that carry Impossible Chicken Nuggets nationwide, and try the plant-based delights for yourself!

Chains selling them include California-based fast-casual restaurant Fatburger, the famous sausage joint Dog Haus, and California-based roadside diner Gott’s Roadside. They’re also popping up at local joints like San Diego’s Veg’n Out.

Impossible Chicken Nuggets Blind Taste Test

With a crispy breadcrumb coating and a juicy meat-like center, Impossible Chicken Nuggets seem to live up to the hype—scoring points with vegans and non-vegans alike on flavor, texture, and overall appearance. In an Impossible Chicken Nuggets blind taste test, including a sample of 201 Texan meat-eaters, 7 out of 10 consumers preferred the Impossible Chicken Nugget to a brand-name animal-based option!

This proves to be an exciting moment for the Impossible brand, with the CEO of the company, Pat Brown, marking this historic moment as the “first time consumers unquestionably prefer meat made from plants instead of meat from an iconic animal.”

Top Chefs Endorsing Impossible Chicken Nuggets

It isn’t just fast-food restaurants that are experimenting with these chicken-like snacks. The list of top chefs endorsing Impossible Chicken Nuggets is growing, too! These savory bites are gracing the menus of acclaimed celebrity chefs’ restaurants, including David Chang’s Fuku in NYC, Tal Ronnen’s LA staple Crossroads, Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster in Harlem, Sean Brock’s Nashville hot spot Joyland, and Traci Des Jardins’ restaurant El Alto Jr.

For updates on all things Impossible, check out their website for grocery store release dates and exciting new plant-based products!

Natalie Brown

Natalie Brown


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