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6 Plant-Based Roasts Perfect for Your Holiday Table

Step aside, traditional holiday roasts, because the plant-based revolution is taking over the table!

Field Roast
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Courtesy of Field Roast

Step aside, traditional holiday roasts, because the plant-based revolution is taking over the table!

Ignite your culinary imagination with our roundup of the top six vegan holiday roasts of 2023. From succulent seitan sensations to tempting TVP, these cruelty-free creations are sure to bring about the holiday cheer.

All Vegetarian Holiday Turkey Roast

On the lookout for a wholesome plant-based holiday roast? All Vegetarian has you covered with their Holiday Turkey Roast stuffed with fifteen whole food ingredients! Dive into mouthfuls of red quinoa, taro, edamame, chestnut, shiitake mushroom and more with this healthful take on a plant-based roast. What’s more, All Vegetarian has publicly set a goal of saving 10,000 turkeys in 2023, which means selecting this whopping five-pound beauty is an excellent choice for your health and the planet!

All Vegetarian

Courtesy of All Vegetarian

Gardein Plant-Based Turk’y Roast

A fan favorite for years, Gardein is coming back with their beloved Plant-Based Turk’y Roast duo stuffed with flavorful brown and wild rice, cranberries, and kale. Enjoy the crispy-crunchy exterior with a heaping dollop of their accompanying vegan gravy to complete the dish!


Courtesy of Gardein

Tofurky Plant-Based Roast & Wild Rice Stuffing

Known as the original vegan roast, Tofurky is back with the Plant-Based Roast & Wild Rice Stuffing. This seitan delight is blended with vital wheat and tofu, lending itself to a meatier, firmer texture meant to be basted, roasted, and carved like a traditional roast! Want to raise the heat? Tofurky has a Hot Takis recipe on their site that is beyond tempting.


Courtesy of Tofurky

Vegetarian Plus Vegan Whole Turkey

All about the ‘gram? We got you covered. This turkey-shaped vegan roast (with a glazed “skin” made from tofu) has made quite the splash in years past. Served with its own stuffing and gravy, this soy sweetheart is most known for its exceptionally close taste to animal protein, which has left many-a-vegan doing a double take.

Vegetarian Plus

Courtesy of Vegetarian Plus

365 by Whole Foods Market Plant-Based Roast

Sink into this Whole Foods kosher, non-GMO, vegan masterpiece with its crispy, crunchy exterior and warm tart cranberry stuffing. The protein-rich roast is accompanied by a tamari-miso gravy that is sure to please everyone at the table. We love this 32oz roast which comes with 13g of protein per serving!

Whole Foods

Courtesy of Whole Foods

Field Roast Hazelnut & Cranberry Plant-Based Roast

Picture this: luscious hazelnuts, warm candied ginger, and aromatic rosemary in firm seitan enrobed in a flaky puff pastry. No, you’re not dreaming. Field Roast truly does make this toasty, fruity Hazelnut & Cranberry plant-based roast that is sure to wow your guests. Field Roast is also carbon neutral, making it a great choice for the planet, as well as your stomach.

Field Roast

Courtesy of Field Roast

Allison van Tilborgh

Allison van Tilborgh

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