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Vegan and Vegan-Friendly Restaurants Lizzo Has Tried in LA (And Featured on Her TikTok)

The award-winning singer has featured some delicious vegan grub from restaurants around Los Angeles on her TikTok page.

From twerking videos to vegan mukbangs, Lizzo’s TikTok feed is full of good vibes! While the vegan celebrity cooks at home fairly often, she is also known to eat from vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants around town. Here’s a list of vegan meals that Lizzo has tried in LA (and featured on her TikTok).



Lizzo dubbed VOWburger the home of the best vegan breakfast burrito—what an honor! The warm and hearty handheld features a soft tortilla loaded with JUST Egg, cheese, hash browns, beans, pico de gallo, guac, and Peruvian green sauce. Lizzo added Impossible sausage to her burrito and ate it in her car while saying, “It’s the everything-is-seasoned for me.” At the end of her TikTok, she even challenged people to duet her video with a better breakfast burrito. As of now, VOWburger still reigns supreme.


Vow burger out here shaming these b burritos!!!! I dare u to find me a better one 😤

♬ original sound – lizzo

The Fat Vegan


Lizzo ordered from this vegan pop-up and made a montage of herself tackling one of the most epic spreads to the tune of the Mario video game soundtrack. Her feast included Orange Cauliflower, Buffalo Seitan, Street Dogs, a Beyond Burger, and fries. At the end of the TikTok, she showed her menu hack of dipping fries in the Orange Cauliflower sauce, which earned the combo a 10 out of 10.


A fat vegan vs The Fat Vegan…. *spoiler alert: I ain’t finish* HOW do y’all be eating all that food in those ‘what I eat in a day’ videos!?!?

♬ mario sound – mandycap

Lettuce Feast

Food Truck

In Lizzo’s very first three-minute TikTok, she grubbed on Lettuce Feast’s Psychedelic Sando which has breaded and fried oyster mushroom pieces, tangy slaw, ranch, and pickles inside a buttered bun. In the words of the vegan celeb, the sandwich was “perfectly sauced and seasoned.” She also had a side of Cajun fries which she compared to “that one Dorito that’s perfectly seasoned in the bag.”


Ladies and gentlemen, I’m dedicating my first 3 min post to me DESTROYING this hot honey mushroom burger from 🔥Lettuce Feast🔥

♬ original sound – lizzo

Baked by Yoga

Special Order

In a duet-style video, Lizzo tried this vegan micro-bakery’s Peach Cobbler Cinnamon Roll topped in brown butter and roasted peaches. She didn’t say anything in the clip, but from her facial expressions, she seemed to enjoy the pastry. Guess you’ll have to order one to find out for sure!


#duet with @vickloso peach cobbler cinnamon roll (bakedbyyoga ig)

♬ original sound – Vick Loso

Just What I Kneaded


When Lizzo opened up a bright pink pastry box, we knew it had to be from Just What I Kneaded. The hilarious and charming superstar tried a doughnut topped with a heaping drizzle of chocolate and stunning edible gold flakes. We’d love to see her try the pop-tarts, cinnamon rolls, and kolaches from this female-owned bakery, too!


Reply to @dreamy.rex my oat milk was rotten but the donut was fireeeeeeee

♬ original sound – lizzo

Beleaf Burgers

Chino & Stanton

This vegan comfort food joint hooked Lizzo up with all their popular dishes that she ranked on camera out of 10. In her TikTok, Lizzo ate the Korean Corn Dog (10/10), Mexican Pizza (9/10), Chicken Sandwich (10/10), Fish Filet (7/10), and Brown Sugar Boba Milkshake (20/10). She also got a burger but was too full to take a bite. Based on the other ratings, it’s safe to assume the burger was a hit as well.


Why did I say ‘those’ like that 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ (beleafburgers on ig!!!)

♬ Spongebob – Dante9k

Hugo’s Restaurant

West Hollywood & Studio City


Since opening in 1980, Hugo’s has become a fan-favorite destination for vegans and non-vegans alike. Lizzo recently learned about this restaurant and asked, “Where have you been my whole life?” She ordered the veganized Breakfast Salad which comes with turmeric rice, crumbled tofu, veggie bacon, spinach, mixed lettuce, mushrooms, ginger, garlic, and organic tamari sauce—all tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette. Lizzo’s ranking? 10/10!


Breakfast Salad??? Is it busting?!

♬ original sound – lizzo

Mama’s Tamales



Lizzo enjoyed the flavorful fare from this Salvadoran restaurant in a four-part series. She first ate tamales with beans and rice while waiting for the rest of her order in the car. When she got home, the plant-based icon dug into pupusas with curtido and salsa as well as plantains with black beans and crema. Mmm, now we’re craving Mama’s Tamales!



♬ original sound – lizzo

Rosalind’s Ethiopian Restaurant

Little Ethiopia


Lizzo secured a box of flaky and golden vegan Lentil Sambusas from this restaurant that is now at the top of our list to try. The savory pastries are filled with green lentils, onion, jalapenos, and herbs. Lizzo’s order didn’t come with any sauce so she dipped her sambusa in a homemade vegan mayo-based sauce as well as her controversial carrot dip. After sampling the combination of the spicy sambusa in the smoky and sweet carrot dip, Lizzo exclaimed, “It’s really doing it for me right now.” We checked out the menu at Rosalind’s Ethiopian Restaurant and found many other vegan options for Lizzo (and us) to nosh on.


These are sambusas from Rosalinds Ethiopian restaurant 🤤

♬ original sound – lizzo

Pots N Woks



Earlier this summer, the twerktastic musician posted a video saying she wanted a pickle dog but had trouble finding a vegan version. The unique menu item, made popular by Disney this spring, features a hot dog inside of a jumbo pickle that’s breaded like a corn dog and enjoyed with peanut butter. As crazy as it sounds, Pots N Woks was quick to make a plant-based rendition for Lizzo to try, and it was a hit for sure. Lizzo also posted another TikTok trying Pots N Woks’s traditional vegan items.



♬ original sound – lizzo

Allie Mitchell


Allie is a writer, musical theatre performer, yoga instructor, and walking vegan restaurant directory. On any given day, you can catch her making tofu scramble, scouring Trader Joe’s for new plant-based products, or watching The Lizzie McGuire Movie! Visit her website at alexandrammitchell.com.

Articles by Allie
Allie Mitchell

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