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Our Favorite Loose Leaf Tea Brands

Move over, coffee! We’ve got the tea.

KēWi Teas in bowl
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Courtesy of KēWi Teas

Move over, coffee! We’ve got the tea.

This one’s for you, tea lovers! Whether you’ve never acquired the taste for a cup of joe or you enjoy an afternoon tea in addition to your cold brew, you’ll find just what you need here to up-level your basic green and black. Put the kettle on, grab a good book, and choose your favorite blend. These are the loose-leaf tea brands we love!

KēWi Teas

What happens when two sisters get together to create an all-vegan, eco-friendly, artisan tea brand? KēWi Teas—that’s what happens! At KēWi Teas, sisters Kristina and Erin Walden share their love of a good cup of tea with others. Whether you brew their Golden Chai, Burgundy English Breakfast, or Lavender Mint, be sure to add some climate-conscious snacks and your favorite playlist for the complete vibe. You can thank us later.

KēWi Teas packages

Courtesy of KēWi Teas

Aesthete Tea

From Witches Brew (with roasted dandelion, burdock, and chicory) and Love Potion (a black tea with rose, caraway, and fennel) to Wake Up Maggie (a chai with cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves) and Mint + Coco (a black tea with peppermint, coconut, and cacao), this QBIPOC, woman-owned company is just the spot for your new go-to blend. We’re pairing these teas with Maya’s Cookies for the perfect afternoon snack break.

Aesthete Tea on plate with cup and candle

Courtesy of Aesthete Tea

Open Door Tea

We’re stepping into our comfiest slippers and brewing a nice hot cup of Chamomile Flowers from Open Door Tea. Open Door is our go-to spot for English Breakfast, White Peony, Peace of Mind, and more. You’ll find green teas, white teas, wellness teas, oolong, pu-erh, and others. Take your love of tea to a new level with their virtual tea-tasting event. Learn tips on brewing and blending, as well as strategies for mindfulness and info on the health benefits of tea.

Open Door Tea packaging on table with plate of food and plant in background

Courtesy of Open Door Tea


Infuse your wellness routine with teatime rituals and Modestine loose-leaf tea. Try Don’t Stress Me (with green rooibos, lemongrass, lemon myrtle, and eucalyptus) for immune-boosting benefits. Or go with Sweet Love (with chocolate, strawberry, and coconut) to accompany your self-love mantras and meditation. In addition to their teas, you’ll also find tea bowls, bathtime flowers, and other products to support your self-care regimen.

Modestine tea with plants in background in living room

Courtesy of Modestine

The Irie Cup

In the evening, you’ll find us sipping Sweet Dreams from The Irie Cup. Whether you’re team oolong or team white tea, you’re sure to find a loose-leaf tea option for you. Need to cut the caffeine? Try their Blueberry Rooibos or Breathe Easy. More of a green tea fan? Go for Japanese Sencha or Kyoto Rose. The husband-and-wife team behind the brand aims to promote wellness, mindfulness, and relaxation with each soothing cup.

Box with The Irie Cup tea packaging

Courtesy of The Irie Cup


At BLK & BOLD, you can choose from Lemon Ginger, Earl Grey, Jasmine, Darjeeling, and more. Whether you prefer your tea caffeine-free or with a bit of a buzz to start your day, this brand has what you need. The co-founders of BLK & BOLD have a solid commitment to giving back to the community, specifically to youth. A percentage of profits from sales goes to nonprofits that support young people across the US. So, go ahead—enjoy another cup.

BLK & BOLD loose leaf teas scattered

Courtesy of BLK & BOLD


You know them for their boxes of organic, fair-trade tea bags that line grocery shelves; you’ll love them for their one-pound bags of loose-leaf tea. This brother-and-sister-founded brand celebrates the healing properties of tea. They are also committed to supporting the community and empowering their employees. Whether you go with Gunpowder Green, Emperor’s Pu-erh, or Rooibos Chai, sip knowing that you’re making a difference with every cup.

Person pouring tea next to table with Numi on table

Courtesy of Numi

The Tea Spot

This certified B Corp offers a selection of loose-leaf teas sure to satisfy your taste buds. Blood Orange Smoothie is a blend of South African red rooibos, orange peel, safflowers, rose petals, and more. Or try their Turmeric Tonic, with turmeric, nettle, sarsaparilla, and ginger. Whether you’re looking to curb inflammation or quit your coffee habit, The Tea Spot has something for every need. Meditative Mind is calling our name.

Cup of tea with The Tea Spot tea in background

Courtesy of The Tea Spot


Prefer to buy your tea in bulk? Shop RISHI! Chocolate Chai, anyone? Choose from quarter-pound and one-pound size options. You’ll find the classics like oolong, black, white, and green. But you will also find botanicals, such as ginger, hibiscus, and mint. We’re looking at you, Patagonia Wild Guava! Want to sample before you commit? Order a Teaser size. We’re pulling up Netflix while our Chamomile Medley steeps.

RISHI tea with cups on table

Courtesy of RISHI


From smoky flavors to sweet and nutty, STASH has what you need. First, choose from caffeine-free, decaf, and caffeinated. Second, select your tea type—black, herbal, pu-erh, rooibos, and more. And third, go for the flavor! Orange Spice Black Tea, Golden Turmeric Chai Herbal Tea, and Double Grey Portland Fog to name a few. And from The Perfect Tea Scoop to the Cup-Size Mesh Infuser, STASH also carries a nice selection of accessories and mugs.

STASH tea with fruits

Courtesy of STASH

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