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Celebrate World Chocolate Day with TCHO

These decadent vegan chocolate bars are bursting with flavor!

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These decadent vegan chocolate bars are bursting with flavor!

Today is a very special day for dessert lovers—it’s World Chocolate Day! Join us and celebrate World Chocolate Day with TCHO. The sustainable vegan chocolate brand is changing the world, one drool-worthy chocolate bar at a time.

Ethically Sourced Cacao Beans from Across the World

TCHO makes its high-quality chocolate bars with thought and precision, beginning at the source. The brand partners with cacao producers and research institutions to find the best ethically sourced cacao beans from across the world. As part of its TCHO Source program, the company seeks out beans with a unique flavor profile. Contributing factors include the soil and atmospheric conditions, as well as fermentation, drying, and roasting processes.

Most chocolate brands source cacao beans from West Africa, resulting in that singular fudgy taste. TCHO, on the other hand, recognizes how diverse cacao is—which is why they find beans from several different areas, including Peru, Ecuador, Haiti, and the Caribbean. The brand’s current lineup includes vegan chocolate with fudgy, nutty, earthy, fruity, citrusy, and floral flavors.

TCHO Flavor Lab

As a Certified B Corp, TCHO ensures a safe working environment and offers fair wages. The brand encourages farming partners to immerse themselves in the production process. The company, as a result, has built TCHO Flavor Labs across the globe for farmers to turn their harvested beans into chocolate. Farmers have the opportunity to receive sensory analysis training and to improve their chocolate-making skills.

“Chocolate is just beginning its journey to understand how all the steps affect the final experience. TCHO is about bringing a curious mind to the entire process and asking how to make each step even better,” shared Brad Kintzer, TCHO’s Chief Chocolate Maker.

After the cacao beans are roasted and the flavors are identified, then, it’s off to TCHO’s SQF Certified chocolate factory in Berkeley, California! There, the beans are turned into ready-to-sell bars—complete with eco-friendly packaging. Everything is made at TCHO’s Berkeley factory to ensure the highest quality chocolate possible.

The Best Vegan Chocolate

TCHO has some of the best vegan chocolate flavors on the market and is making a complete transition from dairy to dairy-free as a company. Last December, TCHO announced they are transitioning out of all of their old chocolate bars and releasing a new line of 100% plant-based bars, committing to being completely dairy-free by 2023. From creamy oat milk chocolate to decadent dark chocolate, there is something for everyone!

The Choco Latté is perfect for coffee drinkers. It’s a coffee truffle-filled oat milk chocolate made with organic coffee beans. But, if you like your chocolate with a hint of salt, go for Toffee Time or Aww Nuts! For those who enjoy dark chocolate in all its glory, the Holy Fudge flavor (a single-origin cacao from Ghana) is the move. Born Fruity is ideal for those who want their chocolate—well, fruity. The flavor is a single-origin from Peru with fruit-forward notes. And last but not least, the Dark Duo features the exterior of Holy Fudge with the filling of Born Fruity. TCHO also offers limited-edition chocolate bars like its current Deep, Dark, & Salty flavor, made using local seaweed from Monterey and sea salt from Big Sur.

Vegan Baking Chocolate, Cocoa Powder, Cacao Nibs, and Drink Mixes

In addition to chocolate bars, TCHO offers vegan baking chocolate, cocoa powder, cacao nibs, drinking mixes, and couverture chocolates. The baking chocolate melts beautifully for treats like chocolate-covered strawberries. They also taste great straight out of the bag as a snack! The cacao powder serves useful in a wide range of baked goods. The cacao nibs make for a great topping on smoothie bowls, pancakes, or other dishes that need an extra chocolaty crunch. And the drinking mixes are perfect for mixing up some vegan hot cocoa or mocha drinks.

For more information, visit TCHO.com and follow @tchochocolate on Instagram.

Allie Mitchell

Allie Mitchell


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