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TCHO Chocolate Goes 100% Vegan

The popular Berkeley-based chocolate brand is ditching the dairy in its chocolate bars!

TCHO Chocolate

The popular Berkeley-based chocolate brand is ditching the dairy in its chocolate bars!

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! Popular chocolate maker TCHO has rebranded as plant-based. The brand will be phasing out its non-vegan chocolate bars and will only be making vegan milk chocolate and dark chocolate bars moving forward, with plans to make the entire company plant-based by 2023.

TCHO Goes Vegan

As of today, TCHO has launched six new vegan chocolate bars: Toffee Time, Aww Nuts!, Choco Latte, Holy Fudge, Born Fruity, and Dark Duo. All bars are available on TCHO.com for $5.99/2.5oz bar.

Toffee Time is made with cashew butter, oat milk, cacao, and vegan toffee pieces. Aww Nuts! is a dark chocolate bar made with crunchy almond butter and sea salt. Choco Latte is a coffee truffle filled with oat milk chocolate and organic coffee beans from Blue Bottle Coffee. Holy Fudge is made with organic, single-origin Ghanaian dark chocolate and has a dense, fudgy center. Born Fruity is made from organic, single-origin Peruvian dark chocolate with notes of sweet fruit. Dark Duo is a blend of the outer shell of Holy Fudge and the fruit-forward cacao of Born Fruity.

These new plant-based chocolate flavors will be gradually replacing the remaining milk chocolate bar flavors such as Toffee & Sea Salt and Classic Milk. No more dairy-based chocolate will be made, and the last stock of dairy chocolate bars should be phased out by 2023 when TCHO aims to make its entire product line plant-based.

TCHO: Fair Trade, Organic, and Vegan

TCHO’s entire retail line of chocolates is certified fair trade, certified organic, gluten-free, and kosher! Their professional line—which is used in professional kitchens and bakeries nationwide—will also be completely plant-based by 2022.

Visit TCHO.com to learn more about the rebranding, to browse the full selection of products, or to place your online order (PS: All orders over $49 currently qualify for free shipping!)

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